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Lawsuit over Ashley Madison profile Pics

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On March 13, Josh Duggar was served legal papers in the Ashley Madison lawsuit with Matt McCarthy.

According to the legal documents, Josh, was served at his work in Siloam Springs, AR, by lawyers for the LA-based DJ and photographer who claims Josh stole his image and used it as his own on the cheating site.


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Of course InTouch breaks this news on a Wednesday. Happy Hump Day everyone!

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I as just coming over to see if it is being discussed. I knew someone would have it!

I am not a lawyer but I would guess that guy has a decent case if he can prove it hurt his reputation and livelihood.

Need the FJ lawyers to explain how this could go.

Just dawned on me, he was served last week and this week they had announced "blessing" #5 is arriving soon. I don't think the timing is coincidental.

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If he really regretted what he did, he'd settle the matter. I dare him to try and defend this,

I don't have my bar card yet (fingers crossed for May) but I think he has a legitimate claim.

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1 hour ago, quiversR4hunting said:

I am not a lawyer but I would guess that guy has a decent case if he can prove it hurt his reputation and livelihood.

I would think so also. I was just speaking on the subject of reputations last evening and although my issue is a much smaller thing I told the person I was conversing with that sometimes your reputation is all you have. I hold mine in high regard so I too would go after someone that smudged it like Josh did.

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I wonder if Matt could also go after Josh for copyright infringement?  So is the announcement of M5 on Friday supposed to be the distraction but due to their filtered internet they couldn't look up to see if the lawsuit had been released yet or not?

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I don't blame this guy at all for filing, I would be beyond pissed if I were him.   Sounds like he has a decent case.

Regardless of the outcome, this puts Josh's misdeeds in the public view again.   Frankly I think he deserves every bit of that though I feel for Anna and the kids.

Josh is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Josh was on 2 sites and I thought the picture of Matt was on the other one, not the AM site.  Oh well, I'd sure like to know how Matt was so injured with merely his picture on the site.  A lot of people look alike.  And how many potential employers and pals are on cheating websites to even see the picture.  The AM site was subscription based at I think about $250 so I'd think it would rule out casual lookers.  Whatever, if Matt the DJ gets a few bucks, fine but I don't see how he was so harmed.  He did get all kinds of free press once he filed suit though.

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  • 1 month later...

Lookie what was waiting for me in my email today.


Of course I thought of two things almost immediately.

1) Young Joshley Madison.

2) FJ.


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