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Fundy Walk of Shame: Scandals and Crimes


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On 9/26/2021 at 3:30 PM, Howl said:

WTAF? I just googled and LulaRoe are STILL IN BUSINESS.  I'm looking at their website and can't for the life of me figure out how this business model works when clothes are easily available in stores or on line.  Maybe because you can go to someone's house and look at things and try them on?

Because it involves people buying stuff because they feel obligated because it's their friend selling it.  The same way all MLM businesses work.  Very few of them actually have anything that's *that* unique about their product.  They just capitalize off and commodify relationships, and it's disgusting.  

It's also the reason I refuse to support MLMs on principle, even if I think they do actually have a better product.  When your bottom line relies on people manipulating and capitalizing off their friends, I'm not going to give money to support that.  

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Just saw this on twitter and KNEW it needed to be posted on fj, but WHERE?  Then I realized that "unboundaried charismatics" = entrepreneurial narcissists with a criminal bent and and viola! 


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    • SillyDillys


      Now thats the cats out of the bag, it feels nice to finally talk about it.
      Mr. Dilly and I are excited, definitely alot of nerves during the first trimester. Had the worst morning sickness, finally getting appetite back and I've been craving spinach dip and refried beans.
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    • Cartmann99


      Are you an I Love Lucy fan?
      My two favorite episodes are "The Freezer" and "Lucy Does a TV Commercial."

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      My mother's family's farm (in northern California) was the stable touchstone of my childhood, the place we went for many holidays & most summers, if only for a week or two at a time. My mother was a travel enthusiast, my father was in the military, my younger sister & I grew up in the back of a car. Been in every state in the union except maybe North Dakota, spent three months in Europe, three months in Mexico -- all before I was a teen. I realized, as an adult, I don't actually like traveling. It makes me anxious. My mother kept traveling up until shortly before she died.
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      Cartmann99  »  47of74

      Saw this and remembered that you are also an MST3K fan:
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      This place is much nicer when there aren’t drunk douche nozzles trying to start WWIII with my sister. 

      Last time I was here I brought my sister. There was a drunk douche cannon holding court here. He and my sister took mutual exeception to each other. Well he first then my sister responded.
      We got out of there before he got even dumber since there’s another brewery across the street.  Drunk fucker didn’t follow us and I think some flashing lights a few minutes later were for him. 
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    • PinkGreyBrown


      On the one hand, my mother did her best to raise my sibling & I secular & liberal/leftish, but on the other hand she regularly shipped me off to stay with her fundie farmwife mother for months at a time. I prolly spent at least a coupla years of my childhood out on that farm where my grandmother did her darnedest to convert me to all the regressive things (hilariously, all it did was push me further into the peacenik thing). I've got a lot more to say about my maternal grama, fwiw.
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      I have nowhere else to say things like this but, I hate shiplap.
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    • PinkGreyBrown


      Gotta remember 'flaming Zambonis' as a new epithet.
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    • Thorns


      I want to paint my hallway bright orange, my sons room bright sea green, and then the dilemma: What color for the laundry?
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    • EmCatlyn


      Since April we have been looking for a house that has at least one bedroom on the main floor in one of several neighborhoods that are not too far (half hour or less) from our doctors and our kids.  We keep escalating what we are willing to pay.  We keep relaxing the “must haves” — but every house we have wanted has either gone under contract before we even saw it, or gone under contract as we were in the process of offering for it.  It is very discouraging.  I feel that I am living in limbo ever since the pandemic.
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