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Anti-Semitic flyers posted at Texas State

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The worst part was not that the some anti-semetic douchnozzle fuck cannons posted this crap on campus, it's that the school didn't want to do anything about this. 



Yet another instance in the now-ceaseless flurry of anti-Jewish hate crimes in the U.S.: Some Nazi asshole posted swastika-emblazoned flyers at the library at Texas State University at San Marcos that read, “White man, are you sick and tired of the Jews destroying your country through mass immigration and degeneracy.” This is now the fourth time since Donald Trump’s election that this kind of shit has appeared on campus. But the really disturbing part is that the school has no plans to address it, according to spokesman Matt Flores:

President Denise Trauth does not plan to make a statement regarding the fliers, Flores said, adding that she's made it "quite clear" the nature of the handouts, and the ones before them, go against the "core values of what it's like to be a Bobcat."

But it sounds like Texas State has little interest in protecting its students from anti-Semitism in the first place. The student who found the flyers didn’t report them to her school—she instead spoke to the press:

"They seem to act like it's a waste of their time, so I think that students themselves are better equipped to deal with these things as a community rather than have the school attempt to handle it," she said.

It took quite a while before the school President finally issued a statement.

Where I went to undergrad, two idiots thought it would be a grand smashing good idea to wear blackface and post themselves doing so on social media.  The school administration found out pretty quick, and by the next day not only had the President made a statement but also scheduled a conversation with the community to discuss the incident.

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