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Tri-City ghosts: School vouchers raise the possibility of diverting money into abusive faith communi

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I was torn on where to put this since this discusses a variety of articles but placed it in here.  Spiritual abuse, Physical Abuse.  Sexual Abuse.  A Pastor with his own church that was in massive debt.  


Tri-City Christian School was a feeder school to Bob Jones University in South Carolina. Herbster received a doctorate in education from the university, which lost its tax-exempt status in 1976 because of its ban on interracial dating — an edict that lasted until 2000.


I drive past Tri-City Christian Church when I go to/from KC via I70 - I recognize the steeple in the picture with the article.  I'm going to have to resist the urge to drive by and throw things now.

The Pitch is an alternative newspaper in Kansas City.   FYI this is a long article.  


One highlight er lowlight:


From its high perch in western Independence, Tri-City presented itself as a beacon of rectitude. But people associated with church regularly exhibited deviant behavior.

— In 2003, John Logan, a church deacon, was charged with sexually assaulting several children. He is serving a 25-year sentence in a Missouri state prison.

— In 2004, Dwight Free, the church’s former business manager, pleaded guilty to embezzling $1.2 million from the church. 

— In 2008, Ed Greene, who served as a youth pastor at Tri-City from 2001 to 2003, pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a minor over a period of years while working at a church in suburban Chicago in the 1990s.

— In 2010, Mark Greenway pleaded guilty to a scheme in which he swindled two teenage sisters out of $1.2 million they had inherited. The Missouri Secretary of State’s Office alleged that Greenway met the women through a member of their church who was associated with the Herbster-led American Association of Christian Schools. Greenway, the state said, was involved in the association’s retirement program. 


and - they are quoting Boz Tchividjian (we have a thread on him, don't we?) quite heavily in this.  

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This is just one more reason that school vouchers are NOT a good idea at all.

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