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Must god call everyone to a singing ministry?

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Over my years at FJ I have frequently, against my better judgement, clicked links to various family singing ministries.  Just as frequently my dogs have howled in pain, desperately beseeching me to make it all stop.  The Rodriguii, the Duggars, the Carones among others have made my ears bleed and my head fold in upon itself in a futile attempt at self preservation.   I began to wonder, is it required for all singing for Jebus to be slightly off key, off tempo, and out of sync?  Must all instruments be untuned and pounded upon to reach the ears of our lord? 


Apparently our known singing ministries are only scratching the surface of what I will call Screaming out Satan.

It's worth listening to the talk before the singing here.  Apparently there was a competition and this fellow won.



Keep your eyes on the back up singers.  Their expressions are hilarious.

Or perhaps you prefer this gem:


And no, I am as sure as I can be, these are not spoofs.  After all, I found them on the interwebs.

Edited by dpndetfarm
why can I never get the videos to show up? GOT IT!

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Four is Enough

They are SO bad... if they're trying to sound like bluegrass, they missed the mark. Badly. I have heard some wonderful bluegrass gospel music. This was nowhere near it.

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I think I'd rather hear Kathie Lee Gifford sing Marilyn Manson than this drivel.

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I dated a guy in high school whose family was heavily involved in the southern baptist singing group circuit. It was bad. Real bad.

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