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Counting On: Season 3, Part 4: Fake Glares to Hide the Obvious


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1 minute ago, justmy2cents said:

No. None of them have held hands before engagement, only after.  They are too pure for that.:my_rolleyes:

Well, fuck. Any kind of Jinger progressiveness I thought she had has just been flushed.

Say that with an Australian accent, Jeremy!

Just now, sunshine said:

LOL well if it just came out today..

I haven't had my bus ride to work where I do all my investigative googling!

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Tittle:     The wedding Cast:      Jimbob duggar as the father of the bride.                JD Duggar as the best man.                Josh Duggar as the sunshine.  

Because he is so fabulous

We all know what would happen if Michelle by some miracle got a kangaroo. She'd love on it for six months, then pass it off to Jana.

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Well sometimes they do take holding hands to the next level.

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New thread here:


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    • 47of74


      Went up to the Iron Range of Minnesota last weekend to talk to guy about a job.  I ❤️ the area and hope to get said job up there.  Course got to pass the bar first but I'm really taken with the area.  And it's not an area that overall treats fuck face as the second coming or some goddamn thing.
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    • HarryPotterFan


      Happy Shavuot to all those who celebrate! I have no idea why, but for some reason God commands us to eat ice cream. Well, dairy. So eat cheese! Eat pizza! Eat ice cream! Eat cheesecake! It has no calories because God commands us to do so!
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    • Jinder Roles

      Jinder Roles

      I know it’s just a beauty contest but this is the 4th time Jamaica was snubbed in favour of 5 contestants who were clones (with the exception of Peru) 
      Still can’t believe Mexico won. Even Olivia Culpo was looking at the results confused😂
      Shoutout to Haiti, Canada, Thailand and Myanmar who were also snubbed. 
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    • Mela99


      I really love gobs.
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    • EmCatlyn


      Tired and confused,
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    • Jinder Roles

      Jinder Roles

      I've somehow invested in this year's Miss Universe pageant. After watching the prelims my favorites are: 
      1. Jamaica (naturally lol but she's doing well)
      2. Haiti (love her energy) 
      3. Great Britain 
      4. Bahamas 
      5. Canada (a beauty! absolutely stunning!)
      6. Japan (adorable) 
      7. Cameroon (also adorable w/ an amazing costume) 
      8. Myanmar (seems sweet)
      9. Vietnam 
      10. Thailand 
      11. USA (I'm rooting for everybody black lol) 
      Not a fan of these but I think they'll place: South Africa, Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Peru, Australia, Denmark, Ireland, Dom Rep. 
      If they make Zozi (the current Ms. Universe) give the crown to a white girl from Pretoria, I will scream. 
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    • WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo?

      WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo?  »  church_of_dog

      I just made a lovely discovery! Type a colon, then a ) without any spaces. Then type a space. 
      I am ridiculously happy to discover this! (I also have a nagging feeling that I should have figured this out sooner...)
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    • louisa05


      I’ve got a pack of rude sixth graders this morning. Ugh. 
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    • HerNameIsBuffy


      Aren't I too old to forget to eat lunch?  
      So now....do eat a late salad and be cranky before bed because I want dinner and it's too late to eat or....do I tough out the afternoon cranky at my desk and eat dinner?  
      The dilemma is real.  
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    • feministxtian


      2nd Pfizer tomorrow!
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