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Hodnetts converting Scotland, or England, or...who knows? Part 2


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I think it has to be a Scottish Church and pastor\minister to sponsor him for the visa.  So his American pals and fellow "missionaries" can't help.

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Oh, come on, we've all figured out that what Jody is really doing is "mystery dining" at every fish & chip joint he hears or sees about.  When he gets back stateside, then he can publish a "Hodnet

It's so obvious that the Lord is telling Jody he should be doing a food kitchen/soup kitchen ministry.  He adores food. I don't get why Jody isn't hearing this.  Jesus is standing on his shoulder scre

Well spotted FrumperedCat. The old church building is possibly being sold because of upkeep costs. It probably has dry rot, wet rot, creeping damp, woodworm, a very old boiler, ancient plumbing a

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I'm plumping for Light house Baptist then. When Jody posted pics of him street preaching in Dundee the Lighthouse church folk were there. 

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Any one seen anything about Jody recently? I'm having Facebook problems so can't find him easily. 

Thank you in advance.:beer:.

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I just checked in on him.  He isn't updating very often or being very interesting.  Let's see:

  1. In October he cancelled his Community Center service to combine services with Lighthouse Baptist Church in Carlisle "due to circumstances beyond our control."  They seemed to be offering to bus people to Carlisle.
  2. November 12:  He had his first baptism 11!!!Eleventy!!!!!11  Let us all pray for Sis. Ellis Marr.
  3. And "It was a blessing to have 38 in attendance today for our Christmas Eve service at Bible Truth Baptist Church of Dumfries."

I think that last one is a miracle, considering.

Ginger has more news.  They got on the wrong train from Carlisle and accidentally went to Edinburgh instead of Locherbie, but it was someone else's fault.  Jody dressed up as Santa and that delights me.  So unShrader-like.  The younger daughter, Savannah, is now 8 and very pretty, little Jody is still adorable, young Autumn definitely looks more like Ginger every day ...

Oh nooooooooo!  It looks as though Ginger has jumped on the MLM bandwagon with Young Living.  Say it ain't so, Ginger.  You will lose money with that scam.  Stick to Tupperware, that is at least useful.

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Thank you and a very happy new year to you Palimpsest. 

Its really really difficult to catch the wrong train on the east coast line!!! I travel on it every three weeks to check on elderly parents. 


Im truly Gobsmacked !!!!!!!!!!

Happy 2018 everyone.

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On 12/31/2017 at 2:25 PM, Gobsmacked said:

Happy 2018 everyone.

And a blessed perihelion! 

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Because I’m bored I popped to Jody’s Facebook page. Nothing much happening. Lots of videos of Pastors and singing families from the US. Lock down will have stopped Jody’s shenanigans also. Sadly he appears to have regained the weight he lost. His grafting talents must still be working if churches are sending him money for doing nothing. 

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