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Mumps-stricken Columbia campus plans vaccination clinic


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I don't have children.  I do, however, live in a 'college town.'  And this school year, the Universtiy of Missouri has had an ongoing battle of Mumps.  I'm going to guess that the anti-vaccine crowd had kids old enough to be in college now.  That they're all crowded up in dorms and apartments around my city.  And we have outbreaks in the late teen/twenty something age group of childhood diseases.  Diseases that there are shots for.  

So now, after aid outbreak has occurred, they're going to give vaccines.  



COLUMBIA (AP) — The University of Missouri is planning a mass immunization clinic next week as it works to control a mumps outbreak that has grown to more than 320 confirmed and probable cases.

Spokesman Christian Basi says the hope is that 2,000 students will receive a free booster shot during the Feb. 15 to Feb. 17 clinic. The state health agency is picking up the tab.

Students are required to receive two doses of the vaccine that protects against mumps, as well as measles and rubella. But in December, the school began urging students to obtain a third shot, saying it may offer more protection.

Mumps is a viral infection that causes swelling in the salivary glands and cheeks. The university is among several across the nation that has grappled with outbreaks.



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