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11 hours ago, emscm said:

Good luck tomorrow!  I got my Mirena inserted almost two years ago, and I did find it uncomfortable. I have a low pain tolerance though. It made me lightheaded and my doctor told me that that was something that was normal. I also had some moderately bad cramping the next day, but was fine after that. It really wasn't that terrible and has been totally worth the discomfort to get it in. 

Two years in, I only get spotting and no PMS symptoms, but I would still consider my cramping moderate. It is worse than when I was on the Nuvaring but not so bad as when I was taking no birth control at all. 

I hope all goes well for you tomorrow! Good luck!

I come with updates! 

Got my Skyla inserted this morning. I expected it to be really bad but like I said, I have quite a high pain tolerance. It ended up being completely fine. I was actually surprised when the doctor said the procedure was already finished - I'd describe the experience as being vaguely unpleasant for a few moments, but not PAINFUL per se! I was quite impressed.

I'm having some light cramping now but again, nothing life-altering. I'm very pumped about not having any pregnancy scares for three full years.

Cheers FJ!


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