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Girl Defined

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I'm still not sure Bethany and her husband even had sex at this point . They are so uncomfortable and awkward  with each other ..

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Their video about how hard it is to "manage a house" came up on my youtube suggestions this morning. At the end it is basically an ad for one of those meal in a box services. But the content prior to that...

Bethany goes on and on about how she and Dave went on a vacation and it all went awry because they had no idea how the other liked to spend vacations. I don't know, maybe get to know someone completely before you marry them. And also try communicating. Either of those things, or better yet, a combination of the two would alleviate that problem pretty easily. 

Then she goes on about how hard it is to do laundry and she had no idea it was so hard. Isn't she nearly 30? How does one reach that age and not how to do laundry? And laundry for a stay at home wife and a guy who is probably wearing clothes that are dry cleaned to work  can't be that hard or even that much. It's not like he comes home with clothes  smelling like cat food with herring in it (first five years of my marriage...but I also knew how to do laundry because I was an adult and it didn't stress me out). 

They both go on and on about how hard it is to clean the house and buy groceries and cook a meal. "Cooking takes forevvvvvvverrrrrrrr" was repeated about 95 times. 

And all I could think was that this nonsense comes from living at home with mommy and daddy well into adulthood, and, obviously, these two were pampered princesses that never had to do anything. 


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