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Pickles and Hairspray

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Oh lort. I need to retire so I can read all this stuff! lol

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@anne.stults Actually i have to agree with pickles on that one. That's not something that should be said unless there was actual proof of it. They may all fucked up you want, but there's no proof JB i

She's something else. About 2-3 weeks ago I believe, there was a picture of Jinger and Jeremy and Pickles posted that she believes that Jinger wont have a social media account due to Freejinger harass

I really wish you guys would tell me when we become things things.  All this time I had no idea I was supposed to hate babies...now I have all this retroactive hate to catch up on.  A heads up in PM n

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3 hours ago, HarleyQuinn said:

don't build your kid a cage in your closet?

That shouldn't even be a sentence someone has to say.

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Tim-Tom Biblethumper
6 hours ago, SapphireSlytherin said:

Oh lort. I need to retire so I can read all this stuff! lol

Heeeere's the Rod Family threads:

I have to add...
@HarleyQuinn posted the lesser offensive baby-cage.  There's a second one (YES!  They have two), that's suspended from the ceiling of the RV.  I kid you not!  
Enjoy yourself...  :pb_biggrin:

On the subject of Pickles...
I've been aware of her for about 3 years.  Some of the child-rearing comments she makes are pretty off-the-wall, and makes me wonder if she actually is/was a foster-parent, or if she just says that to give herself legitimacy.  

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From the time,I was 3 until 7 we lived in downtown Charleston SC,my younger brother was born here.His crib was in my parent's bedroom,I had a room that had been a porch and my two older brother's had their own room.One morning my parents woke up and my younger brother,about a year old was sitting on the edge of the window smiling,laughing.He had climbed out of his crib.My parents were afraid he would fall out of a window so my father put something over it,very similar to the one in the picture.And also,when my son was a year old,he had surgery.He had a semi private room,I was still nursing him so I stayed with almost all of the time.Sometimes,while he was sleeping,I'd go get something to eat and come right back.I came back,the top of his crib was covered,he was not walking yet,but he still tried to climb out,to ,find me.Sweet memory of him.

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Wait...she said Josie was in danger from eating with a plastic fork? How, exactly??

As for "connections"...I don't think so. I think she just knows the right people to follow on social media. Laura's page isn't totally locked down. I follow her too.

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An 8 year old can Hulk smash a plastic fork and swallow one of the tongs??? Yeah, I can't make sense of that one either.

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16 minutes ago, ClaraOswin said:

Wait...she said Josie was in danger from eating with a plastic fork? How, exactly??

As for "connections"...I don't think so. I think she just knows the right people to follow on social media. Laura's page isn't totally locked down. I follow her too.

I found it while still lurking.   Her name was Digger and she started a thread " Josies in Danger!!!1!11!

Baby girl was eating with plastic fork.   I mean, they can break but seriously, not in danger any more than I am eating with a plastic fork.


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I would definitely be sad if I ever got kicked off of Free Jinger for any reason, because I feel like you guys are kindred spirits in so many ways, but with that said, I don't think I'd be "start a rival place online to talk about the Duggars & emit constant butthurt" level sad. 

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