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Anyone watch shameless? 

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What a crazy show really gobs of everything crazy from 13 year old polygamous wives with a child gays trans sexuals teen pregnancy sex and more sex gobs of law breaking horrible dad fake gays hit and runs selling your kid and so much more. hard to believe all the crazy in one show. 

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I watched the entire British version a few years ago.  The American one, I have not seen.

I loved the British version!

Have you seen Coupling, another (old) British comedy?  SO awesome.

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I have just finished binge watching the British version on netfix. Fantastic show. I saw that they also have the USA version I also noticed that they have way more seasons than the British one (providing that netfilix has the entire catalogue). 

It was kind of hard to let go of the characters so I might sit down next week and start on the USA one. It was a bit like when I finished watching Skins, I just wanted more. 

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