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Vice Video about former Daughter and Wives trying to reclaim where they lived

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I've never made a topic before but I just watched this and found it very interesting so I thought I would go ahead and share it on here so we could discuss! 

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That was good. I wonder if the sisters in escaping polygamy know of these people because it sounds like they would be better suited to help the FLDS escaping, especially the 2 that are still fully brainwashed. 

It's interesting that these girls left with nothing and they tried several times to leave but we're brought back each time. The other interesting sentiment is the young lady saying she was glad she wasn't a Jeffs locked up in that fortress.

I'mI'm curious about their speech. A few phrases, I feel, point to possible lack of good education. 

I wonder what will finally break up the FLDS, it can't happen soon enough. As the one lady said the PTSD is real and the counseling needs for these people is so great.

Thank you for sharing @tumblr

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This is a great video. No better revenge than to buy up the real estate.

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