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Priss & Pecan, Pt. 3: Glory Days Dwindling Away


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22 minutes ago, JemimaPuddle-Duck said:

It's tricky with toddlers. I've made it a habit never to pose something as a question if I'm not willing to accept a "no". For example, "do you want to take a bath?" Or "are you ready for bed?" Or "do  you want to brush your teeth now?" Because I don't want them to think their "no"s will be ignored --- which is particularly unfair when you've presented it as a choice --- but there are times when they don't have an option. So it's, "come on, we're going to brush our teeth now!"

Yeah, I figure that if we acceded to every "no" a toddler said, the world's two-year-olds would be living on a diet of chicken nuggets and ice cream, running around naked with their teeth rotting from their mouths, and listening exclusively to Let It Go on infinite loop. But it's also important to teach kids that their choices and boundaries are to be respected, and I don't think Davia is going to be taught that.

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11 minutes ago, fundiefan said:

The only potential she had to reach has been reached. She married a godly manly man and is making the babies. 

It never mattered to her parents if she had any kind of slowness or other issue that in normal circumstances could have been dealt with swiftly and easily with professional intervention in school - and with parents who, you know, cared.  She was never meant to do anything other than what she is doing so there was never anything for her parents to intervene on.

I think she has several issues, all of which combine to make her not quite 'right'. But, none of those issues have any relevance to being a godly wife and making the babies, so in their world, there are no issues. 

I'm aware this isn't an Internet diagnosis per se, but I'm really uncomfortable with the characterization of "slowness" and "not quite right."

if she had educational issues no one here is in the position to know what they were.  And the implication that she has some kind of cognitive issue or perhaps learning disability which makes her "slow" and "not quite right" in your book is insulting to everyone who does struggle with those things.

I think it's clear she has a slight speech impediment which MANY people assume to go hand in hand with cognitive issues ...which is a load of shit.  And I'm assuming even the academically gifted women of the funds set don't go around acting like they could possibly be valued for their minds as they are their sweet disposition.

Slow is a relative term.  If I think your reasoning is faulty and you lack the clarity to see the problems with your assertions is it okay if I classify you as slow in comparions to others who know better?  Or stick any of us in a room full of Sheldon Coopers does that make us all slow?

Of course not.  

You seem to have gone out of your way to be gentle in your phrasing, so I'm not accusing you of malice, but I did want to point out how patronizing I found it.  

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38 minutes ago, Jana814 said:

I think the only thing they are going to teach Davia is to be a wife and mother. 

Well of course. What else is there? 

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