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Does anyone remember the King Family?

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I seem to remember watching an occasional special on TV with a very large musical fam called The King Family.  Doing internet snooping, they might have been Mormon?  Does anyone 50+ remember this group?

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I Do!!!  I remember the specials on TV.

And (Thanks to something my mother said when I was a kid)  Know that actress Tina Cole (Kate, Robby's wife on My Three Sons) is part of this family. (Verified by IMDB - see link)



And from Utah - you might be right about the Mormon.

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Yep, I remember them! Luise King was married to Alvino Rey, a jazz and swing musician who is considered one of the fathers of the pedal steel guitar.  Two of their grandsons are in Arcade Fire.

In the Wikipedia picture of the sisters on the King Sisters page, at least two of the sisters are wearing sleeveless dresses and three of them are wearing low-cut necklines with Vonnie even showing a bit of décolletage.

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