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London knife attack

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A 19yr old man was arrested at 22.33 BST Wednesday after attacking 6 people in London. 1 person died in the attack and police have said mental health was a significant factor in the events and at this stage have not ruled out a terrorist link. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-36972126

Sympathies to the deceased's family and get well soon wishes to the other 5 people injured. I am angry that this keeps happening and sad that the prevailing thought is not again instead of shock that something like this has happened.

I hope all our London based FJers are ok, thinking of you all.

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I was shocked as well when I heard this on the BBC through NPR earlier tonight.  I was especially saddened for the innocent woman who was killed, as well as for her family.
I couldn't help but question the phrasing, "mental health was a significant factor."  Not because you phrased it this way at all - several earlier reports phrased it this way, which seemed odd to me.  It seems to me like it should have been, "mental illness was a factor" or "lack of support for mental illness was a factor" or really "it's possible that this person was known to suffer from mental illness, but lack of support for this person's mental health was a significant factor."

Still, I can't help but admire the way Great Britain deals with these tragedies, compared to the USA.  In this country, the possibly-mentally-ill person probably would have had access to a gun.  The police officers would have had guns as well.  Instead of several people getting stabbed and injured, one person tragically killed, and the perpetrator tased and then taken into custody,  there would have been many more innocent people shot and killed, the local ER filled with injured and dying, one or more officers shot, and most likely the perpetrator shot and killed.
Maybe this way the perpetrator, since he is still alive but in custody, can be interviewed by forensic psychologists and we can get a clue about why people commit these atrocities and what we can possibly do to prevent them.         

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I grieve with those affected. Those who have lost someone, those who were hurt, their families, friends and loved ones. And my sympathy goes to the police officers, first aiders, and anyone who helped.

While my thoughts are mainly with the bereaved, I am also glad and grateful to all first responders. Thank you! Thank you for putting your lives on the line. Thank you for helping.

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