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1 hour ago, Bethella said:

Oh my god, can you even imagine Kody as a grandfather? I know I can't. 

He's already calling himself grandpa on twitter :laughing-rofl:

I'm excited for Zach and Tori, she's wanted a baby for a while.  So many TLC babies being born in the next few months 

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12 hours ago, Bethella said:

There had been speculation Rachel was pregnant awhile back but nothing was ever confirmed. Her last birth was March 2015; her shortest time between births is 16 months which would have put her due in July 2016; she averages 20 months between births, which would predict her next birth this month (November 2016); and her longest time between births is 30 months which predicts her next birth in September 2017.

I LOVE that there is a person on FJ who really keeps track of all these births and things like time between pregnancies. Thank you for doing this, @Bethella.

When I started the first "upcoming babies"-thread years ago, I didn't do it nearly as professional as it is done yet. :my_rolleyes:

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