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Iowa DOT reminds drivers to be more courteous

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The Iowa DOT wants drivers to be more courteous this summer,



The National Motorists Association Foundation declared June as Lane Courtesy Month. The association said yielding for faster traffic is a simple concept, but many drivers forget, which can cause congestion and dangerous situations.

The Iowa Department of Transportation said June is the beginning of the heaviest highway travel period in the state. Officials said the courtesy rule is an important one to remember.

“That includes kind of watching where you are in your lane, getting over to the right on a multiple lane road, that’s the courtesy part of it,” Transportation Planner Cathy Cutler said. “So people that maybe are going a little faster can get around, it really just helps the highways operate more smoothly if everyone’s kind of going a consistent speed.”

Iowa law indicates slow traffic must move right on multiple lane roads, and Cutler said there’s plenty of reminders along the roadways also.

Yeah, we've got plenty of left lane bandits around here who really ought to move the fuck over.   And be courteous, god dammit.

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