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Omaha pastor stopped for second time at airport with gun in carry-on


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An Omaha pastor was stopped at an Eppley Airfield's security station with a loaded handgun in his carry-on and is facing prosecution Sunday night because it's not the first time he's done it.

Weasel, who has a concealed-carry permit, said he told authorities it was an honest mistake when he showed up at the airport with it in his bag, saying he thought his gun was at home in a safe.

"It's about 40 pounds and it's stuffed with everything," Weasel said. "(I) think what happened was the gun fell in between two of the larger books."

The slip-up on New Year's Eve wasn't the first time Weasel has made the mistake; in 2014, the same bag was found to contain a different gun.

How the hell does one make that mistake anyways? 

WWJG?  Who would Jesus grease? 

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OK so one guy I know got hauled in over a penknife he accidentally left in his side pocket but a gun? How do you forget you have a handgun in your luggage and how big is the airline's carry on allowance that you would not notice an actual gun in amongst your socks and spare toothbrush?

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When I had a handgun, I was *very* aware of where it was. No "Oops, I left it in a public bathroom." No, "Shit, I forgot this was in my carry-on." No, "Oh, wow, that must have fallen between two of the larger books," bullshit.

Don't know how to keep track of a handgun? Maybe you (general "you") aren't responsible enough to have that thing outside of your home. IMO, of course. 

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