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Cancel the Duggars FB Jail?

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I like them both better than Pickles and Hair Spray yet Pickles never gets 'time out'.

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    • WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo?


      And now, a follow up to yesterday's status update. 
      Which brings this to mind...
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    • Destiny


      We've hit the point where we have had to start turning shit off to keep the site alive. Apologies for the fuckery. 
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    • GreyhoundFan


      I like this artist's work. Her name is Gemma Correll.

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    • Sky with diamonds

      Sky with diamonds

      Today marks two years since my father passed away...hard to believe 😢. 
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    • K'Z'K


      I got a webcam. Plugged it in. Did some tests. I managed to have it on and pointing at me for several seconds before the panic started. I look like shit on camera, but I'm guessing that everyone without professional makeup and lighting does, plus it's a basic low-def camera, so even the pros wouldn't look great. My living room has nothing embarrassing in the background, though if I angle it just right my zombie aardvark painting* is visible.
      Next step: Zoom meeting with my housemate (who is well aware of my issues and really good at just letting me deal with it my way). But not today. I've done more than enough for today. Back into the box the blasted thing goes.
      *Zombie aardvark painting: https://www.deviantart.com/thedarkcloak/art/Zombie-Aardvark-413059923   I sent the high-resolution file to a print shop and had it printed on canvas, then got it framed. It looks amazing. I paid far too little for it, so if I ever find myself flush with cash, I'll give the artist a very belated tip.
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    • Destiny


      Leverage: Redemption has a trailer and release date, and really, this is everything for me right now. I'M SMILING SO BIG!!!!!!!!!
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    • WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo?


      It's that time of year again! (Hint:      )
      Or, the Sandra Boynton version.
      It's nice to keep up the little celebrations. 
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    • klein_roeschen


      Got my first dose of the Biontech Pfizer vaccine today, yeah
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    • Audrey2


      Another piece of my childhood, Bobby Unser, passed away. His younger brother, Big Al, and nephew, Little Al are still around. They are part of a well-known IndyCar racing family.
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    • Destiny


      I think I might be in a huge minority, but I think I might hate Mad Men. I’m six episodes in and nothing has happened except for people being terrible. 
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