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Lesbian Grows Hair Out and Marries a Guy-Emily Thomes


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My therapist combines standard psychotherapy with spirituality...she's not a "Christian" counselor, but we talk about spiritual things w/in the context of dealing with my depression/anxiety/rage. She is NOT a "pray away the problem" type at all, but realizes that spirituality (for some people) can have a part in healing. I can't tell you how much she has helped me, especially once hub was diagnosed with cancer. She also promised that she would walk this journey with me for as long as it takes. 

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My hope for her is that she is actually bisexual rather than a lesbian and ended up finding love with a male partner. My fear for her is that she's hiding her true self because the people in her

Very long, sorry. Having identified as a lesbian prior to my marriage to a man, this hits me right in the feels. So many misunderstandings. A few observations:  1. It can be very hard to realize

Call back when they've been married for 10+ years. Anyone can do the newlywed thing convincingly. Even people who are 100 percent sure of their gender and/or sexual orientation can't get a relationshi

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@louisa05 Yeah, a lot of people get away with a whole lot of woo and they can advertise themselves in a way that licensed psychologists cannot. I'm not familiar with the Code of Ethics of LPCs or LCSWs so I won't comment on the licensing requirements and things for them even though I know some very good professionals with those credentials. As a psychologist, you are not meant to make promises of improvement or cures. You also cannot post testimonials. You can state the kind of therapy modalities you utilize, your specialties and experience, or the way you approach therapy but you need to be extremely careful with what goes on your website or where you share information and how you advertise. There are some that break the rules but you can be censured for it if it is reported by the licensing board in your state, the APA etc. It's a direct violation of our Code of Ethics. The problem is that when people don't know what different qualifications mean or what differentiates them, and those with the most education and intensive training don't have these websites or ads promising the world and how to do things "easy" like 'Heart Math' or something, the quacks look pretty appealing :( 

@feministxtian Your therapist sounds great. I definitely incorporate someone's spirituality (no matter if they are Christian, Muslim, Jewish or anything else) when it is identified by them as an important value in their life. I'm in no way a spiritual counselor but the nice thing about evidence-based therapies is they work best when you apply them skillfully, applicable to the client's context. My supervisor has a habit of saying the best therapists are a chef rather than a cook- a cook follows a regimented recipe and recipes aren't to everyone's taste and the recipe with never be 'their's', whereas a chef can use their skills to include different elements to suit what is in front of them and what will work. 

He always says to his students, "Be a chef and not a cook!"

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What bothers me with "biblical counseling" and Yoga wellness is how much the well meaning practicioners go outside their lane.  And how much damage they do when they self promote. I like Yoga but the yogis.  🤔🤦 And biblical counseling if it was just a peer to peer thing with referrals to qualified therapists (Stephen Ministries) I would see benefits.  But not as a replacement for therapists.  Never.    I went through secular counseling and tried biblical counseling and the latter is as reliable as well cupping.  

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1 minute ago, Soulhuntress said:

What bothers me with "biblical counseling" and Yoga wellness is how much the well meaning practicioners go outside their lane.  And how much damage they do when they self promote. I like Yoga but the yogis.  🤔🤦

I hate yoga. But I could tolerate the SiL's obsession and teaching it if she didn't think it made her a medical professional of some sort. 

She has done a lot of harm to their mother who regularly uses the phrase "in (SiL's name)'s medical opinion" when explaining her ailments and the faux cures. And the woman spends most of her time at home whining that she is sick and in pain with an abundance of encouragement from her daughter. If something is really wrong, she is not getting proper medical care. 

And her mother is not the only one she is doing harm. She recently had a handful of diabetics in her studio for an afternoon in which they paid her to tell them how to cure themselves with yoga and ayurveda while avoiding medical care and insulin. 

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Just now, louisa05 said:

 She recently had a handful of diabetics in her studio for an afternoon in which they paid her to tell them how to cure themselves with yoga and ayurveda while avoiding medical care and insulin. 

I would hate yoga too.  I like stretches and the movements without the woo.    What SIL is doing can get her up on murder charges when one of the poor bastards goes into DKA and never wakes up. 🤬

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@Aine she's definitely a chef! With her, it's almost like an in-depth conversation with a good friend instead of a stand-offish "I am the therapist, I have all the answers, just do what I tell you to do" (that's happened before). She doesn't have an answer for everything and she has a very gentle and calming presence. 


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2 hours ago, feministxtian said:

@Aine she's definitely a chef! With her, it's almost like an in-depth conversation with a good friend instead of a stand-offish "I am the therapist, I have all the answers, just do what I tell you to do" (that's happened before). She doesn't have an answer for everything and she has a very gentle and calming presence. 


Definitely what I strive to be! Work in the evidence-based skills so they feel natural but also never secretive or like a step by step recipe because people aren't a set recipe- I do no voodoo. Listen listen listen...take them to uncomfortable places they've been avoiding gradually, give them tools to handle them, empathize for real, take all the time needed to understand, respect their life and what matters to them. Be a CHEF. And still make good things that work for all, even when my client doesn't want to change and just talk- that's not what I do either- I need to understand their behavior enough to help change behavioral contingencies that are holding them back. I always say that I won't be their "yes-man/woman" but I will always be on their side and advocate for them. If they don't want to tell me to "shut the f*** up" at least once, then I probably haven't done my job. Not because I'm talking too much but because I ask hard questions or poke at the tender spots.

My goal is for people to be discharged and able to be their own therapists. They do the work and make the changes. They need to be able to recognize their own patterns and how to deal with them. I want them to not need me and the only way to do that is to respect who they are- their strengths and weaknesses and life- and work out how a recipe can be modified for that person and their life. I'll push you into the hard places and it won't be pleasant sometimes and I'll bring you back well before session ends. I'll be there with you. I will not put my own values on you. The only thing I am not okay with is if you just want to come and talk and talk at me every session because I'm not about you coming to therapy and not willing to change a thing or listen to a thing.

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So I thought I would see what's up with Emily (belated realisation she shares a name with my new kitten). Her hair is long again, she posts often, and uh... asjlfdlaksjfdalskjdf.

She shared this yesterday:
""If you've got a female pastor, you're not at a real church and you need to leave today." –Mike Abendroth"

And then:



Per the post:
"An actual silhouette of our Shawn, created by our dear sister Emily Thomes from a photo of Shawn.

Notice the fingers and toes. This is a baby."

She shared it along with:
"After approximately 8 weeks in the womb, Shawn went to be with the Lord. This isn’t “tissue;” this is a baby."

The drawing does indeed have perfectly separated fingers and toes, but... I don't think that's possible at 8 weeks? Granted I only have the Internet to go on, but that seems really early.
Someone also posted below:
"We lost a baby at 9 weeks. I got to hold him or her and say goodbye. This was about what they looked like. What a wonderful gift to remember them by"
Babycenter is telling me a 9 week old embryo is "about the size of a grape".

I'm confused. Though I guess if someone believes they held their 9 week old fetus, it explains why they would be outraged at the idea of an abortion at 12 weeks.


She's also praying for Kanye and based on another shared post, I think she's planning on homeschooling.

Damn. She's changed a lot. I kind of wonder if she keeps herself marinated in religion on purpose... I can't imagine living like that.

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It’s very common for persons who are extremely prolife to to spread misinformation about the size and growth of a fetus. 

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I'm not sure what I was expecting to find, but... well, at least she seems to believe in gentle parenting and isn't into Q Anon?

She does love her memes.


Kamala Harris carrying a "I Stand With Corrupt Planned Parenthood" sign with the heading, "Dream Big (Born) Little Girl", there's a little girl in Kamala's shadow thinking, "Good thing I wasn't aborted", and Kamala thinking, "I am so proudly pro-abortion. Only some should get to dream big!"
CO election results showing that residents want to restore gray wolves but don't want to ban late-term abortions with her comment: "God will cut you down."
Meme of cartoon Amy Coney Barrett with sign, "If you only support women with the same beliefs as you, you don't support women, you SUPPORT IDEOLOGY."
She shared a rainbow "I WAS BORN THIS WAY" post that, underneath a rainbow heart, said, "That's why you need to be born again."

I don't think this is really a thing?


Last Friday a young lady came out of Planned Parenthood Nashvile distraught! She was in tears because she knew she made a mistake when she took the abortion pill to kill her child. She came over to us for comfort and prayer. We gave her comfort and prayer and we gave her hope! We took her to abortionpillreversal.com. She called the hotline. A doctor responded and gave her the proper medication to keep her baby from dying. There was a chance that the baby would still die. However today she went in for a check up and we just found out that her baby is alive and healthy and nine weeks old! Rejoice a miracle baby! God is amazing! Baby rescue #220!!!! Let’s go!!!!!

Not only is she ultra pro-life, but she also carries a gun. Still definitely planning to home-school. Pregnant with daughter #2. No matter how many years go by, I think I'll always be shocked by the complete... I don't know, personality and lifestyle reversal? It's one thing to become ultra-religious, but I feel it's another to be reposting things from The Transformed Wife and praising Allie B. Stuckey.

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