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NC Judge tells woman to stop breastfeeding


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So apparently this judge doesn't know the law.

It also seems to be a case where a male in power (the ability to change the custody agreement for her 8 year old) condescends to her and stops her from doing something that she is legally allowed to do.

Is this the newest form of sexual harassment?

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          I saw the words 8 yo, custody battle, and breastfeeding and was worried for a minute. This is clearly a bad call from the judge. 

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Thought for a second that the 8 year old was still being breastfed.  Glad to see after reading the article that was not the case!

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I loved the part near the end. It's a nice dig from the Washington Post writer. (My bolding and underlining.)


Knight [the judge] issued the following statement to the Washington Post:

“We as a court routinely accommodate women who are nursing, including while they are waiting for a case to be called in the courtroom. However, when a case is called and a party is participating in a formal hearing before the court, all litigants are expected to respect the same rules of procedure, decorum and dress. That was the case here. If breastfeeding accommodations were needed, those certainly would have been made.

Except they weren't. Rhodus will be back in court on Tuesday with Archer in tow.

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