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Introduce Yourself- Part 3


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Hi. Found this site after watching the Dr Phil episode about Hepzibah House. I'm 36 and a survivor of 4 years in a school very similar to HH

I am married with two stepchildren. My husband and I have a pagan household and are active in encouraging freedom of thought and belief. 

In my free time I volunteer for a crisis line while working on my life coach certification.

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Hi there FJ!  I've been lurking off and on for at least 7-8 years.  You never found my family (at least that I spotted), but you certainly found and talked about people I knew, some of whom wore it as a badge of honor that you'd snarked on them.  So I'm going to skip personal details because people read here that I don't want knowing who I am.  

I may still mostly lurk, but I registered because of all the times I wanted to say something and couldn't.  Like the Hodnett threads, that I read with horrified fascination.  

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I set up this account a while ago and lurked for many years prior (not exactly lurking since Yuku, but close). Now that I’ve actually posted, I suppose I should introduce myself. Originally came via the TWOP Duggar forums.

I’m basically Jim Bob’s worst nightmare - professional woman, well-educated, well-traveled, late 50s, liberal (I live in a university town outside a major US city), never married, childless by choice. Raised Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and was very devout through my mid-20s. Left in part because the church kept telling me my highest and best purpose as a woman was to support a man and bear children, and I knew that wasn’t likely. My extended family was mostly raised Lutheran, but ranges from near-fundie to atheist. I don’t regret the Christian upbringing, which gave me a solid moral underpinning. I hate what the church has become since my childhood.

I’m fascinated by fundies because I can see that a few different life choices and I might have become one. I joined specifically to follow Jill Rod and the Nurthan nuptials. Also follow Bro Gary, who simultaneously amuses and horrifies me. Follow many of the others less obsessively. Was fascinated by the Pomeroy doll-children until she went private. I also follow Lady Bibliophile, in part because she reminds me of myself at that age. I’m a writer myself, and was interested enough to actually read her book.

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I've been an on-and-off-again reader on FJ for years. I've even (re)made my account a couple of times, the most recent time back in April. I finally posted for the first time, so I decided to add an intro here as well.

I live in the U.S. Midwest, where I teach college and live with my partner, two kids, dog, and perpetually neglected beta fish. I was raised Catholic (12 years of parochial school and mass six times a week) but am not that anymore. I read in a wide range of threads, but usually I don't have anything to say that hasn't already been said, or if I do, the conversation has already moved on by the time I see it. But who knows, with this intro, I'm up to four posts in just a little over a month, so I'm on track to be Chatter-eligible by mid-2023! 😉

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On 9/26/2021 at 10:19 PM, cacophony_grey said:

But who knows, with this intro, I'm up to four posts in just a little over a month, so I'm on track to be Chatter-eligible by mid-2023

Ok, I definitely outed myself as a long-time lurker because I'm pretty sure Chatter went away 5+ years ago when it was replaced by AYTFJ

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I've been reading here for a decade, at least, finally getting around to making an account -- mostly so I could get caught up on all the fundy-family hijinks. At some point a bunch of that stuff got tucked behind the membership wall, which is totes understandable.

I'm gonna put most of my family history stuff on my profile wall cuz that makes sense to me, fwtw.

I'm prolly on the autism spectrum but lol getting a diagnosis as an adult. My young grandson has a proper dx, tho' all three of my offspring & my father are clearly on the spectrum. My father is, as the young ones say, autistic af. So, I am not good at the social.

I'm mostly here to read, I'm absolutely fascinated with reading people conversing about stuff. I've been warily keeping an eye on the radical magical believers all my life.

Thanks for having me.

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Hello everyone! I'm a long-time lurker and former fundamentalist (been out for 20+ years). I am a single mom of two teenagers and I am originally from the Midwest. Even though I grew up in a Baptist cult (I've escaped, but still have family within the cult), there are many families that I learned about through FJ (the Maxwells, Zsu, Rods, etc.). Zsu used to be my "favorite" fundy to watch, but she has been pretty quiet lately. 

Anyway, I am not great at "hellos", but I wanted to introduce myself and look forward to being an FJ member and having some discussions!

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Hi, I'm a 40-something <yikes> lady from the Midwest, USA. Back in the early days of the mega-families becoming popular on tv, I can recall a deep interest. Also, I have been hearing about this site for as long as I have been aware of the internet, I swear! 

About me - I live with my partner of many years with our old cats. I am a wee bit of a history nerd and enjoy caring for plants. 

Also, this is my first post /first day here! 

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