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Fundie Sims

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Waffle Time

Slight link to the previous Sims Fundie Legacy thread, but also separate.

Because I've spent a long time browsing FJ and playing The Sims, they've started to merge into one. As in, Sims for fundies. Create your own little fundie families.


Skirts of differing length e.g. knees covered, midi, maxi.

Baby girls are born bald, but you choose a headband at birth. Or whatever.

Hairstyles for older girls: long and Gothard-level crunchy curls, straight, whatever. Ribbon or flower pretty much mandated for kids. Flower headband optional for teens.

Scheduling. You can schedule homeschool time, and also choose when individual Bible time/family Bible time is. The only downside would be that if you scheduled the entire day a la Erika Shupe and Teri Maxwell you'd just be watching the Sims play out their lives as if Free Will was off. I know Free Will technically is off for fundies but they should have some kind of free time. Or, if you don't want to schedule the day at all apart from Family Bible time, each school-aged kid has a list of lessons/individual Bible reading which are ticked off when they're done, you can choose when to do them. 

Courtship would be interesting too. Maybe courting-eligible Sims could go to some kind of "fellowship" thing and meet others. Maybe there could be a pop-up like "Looks like Simon Smith is interested in Anna Jones! Maybe he should pray to see if she's the right one for him" or something. When going out you choose a location and your chaperones. 

Weddings would be huge-scale. Choose from modest gowns. Select your bridesmaids/flower girls/whatever. Design their outfits (all bridesmaids will automatically wear the same outfit or you could do an Alyssa and have half wear one colour and the other half another). 

NPCs could be other fundies or "unsaved" Sims who the fundies can proselytise to. Housing-wise you could have a Duggar-sized mansion, a Shupe-style Hamster Cage or a Rodrigues-style RV. 

Clothing misc: everyday, formal (worn for church), athletic (with skirts for girls, natch), swimwear (either Wholesome-style or more like Shupe-style), outdoor gear (girls can have salopettes or could have long skirts if they're really modest like the Maxwells). Separate tab for those all-important family group shots: decide what the women will wear and the men. You could do it oldschool-Maxwell style and have everyone wear the same-design frumper or just specify "blue tops, beige skirts" or whatever and the Sim would just automatically select clothing.

Not sure how I'd do jobs. Families who live in RVs could grift/do music concerts or whatever. 


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on the topic of fundie sims - i came across this tumblr and am ROFL. http://myquiverfullsims.tumblr.com/post/113839455356/this-is-the-wackers-new-home-a-modest


This HAS to be someone on FJ. the terms are so perfect. "season of life" "do you know where you're going when you die?" 

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9 minutes ago, picklepizzas said:

This HAS to be someone on FJ. the terms are so perfect. "season of life" "do you know where you're going when you die?" 

I think it is a FJ-er...but I can't remember who it is.

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Hum.   I don't know about fellowship but they kinda have arranged marriages either via the matchmaker or via a mod.

As for fundie family rules....I don't know what the punishment for male children would be:

-Female children can obviously clean (i.e. mop up puddles and clean counters/sinks and the like.) and can  make muffins for the family.  When it's not their turn.
-Female teens in trouble can cook  meals and clean when it's not their turn.
-Male teens can be made to repair things.
-I have no idea how to punish male children though...any ideas?

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