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plants waking up pics.

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Anny Nym

Oh,I love looking at other people´s plants! :D


Here is something from mine:

My baby forrest strawberries, the blueberry bush we planted in last year is growing strong, as are the blackberry bushes.




My mint selection of mints plus budding lavender in the background :13263890_1154980074522669_5764965109512638693_n.jpg13254079_1154980037856006_6390410339760691441_n.jpg


And my "wildlings" :) : Borage, pink poppy flower, wild camomille, thistle.




And one of the first wild roses that did bud this year, with complimentary bee butt :D


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You all have beautiful flowers. I am slowly starting to pick up gardening. I have no idea what I am doing, but I have tutelage.

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Here is my sunnier perennial garden. The first is Cosmos; then pink mallow surrounded by annuals; two delphinia; and one of several types of daisy--this is the only one blooming now. 






And the shady perennials:  more pink mallow (this is the original bunch, they were spreading a couple years ago so I moved the new ones); gas plant; Lenten rose; lavender. 

The gas plant is awesome; when the blooms are done, it develops seed pods that emit tiny amounts of methane. If there is absolutely no wind, you can hold a lit match under the pods and get a small fireball. 





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So nice to see colorful perennials. For some reason I started to think they were all mostly green. I love the blue/ purple ones. I was not sure what name corresponded with those ones.

Whoa to the gas plants! That's kind of cool - takes gardening to another level. :smile: Thanks for sharing.

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older than allosaurs

The obsessed city gardener: Smallish lot, lots of shade, and very little self control.  Everything is crammed into the few sunny spots. Plus a clothesline. The collards are huge, the blueberries and raspberries are coming ripe, we should have baby zucchini next week, and the winter squash and volunteer potatoes are flowering. Yay for summer in the Pacific Northwest.


2017 summer garden.jpg

july 2017 chard, kale, salsify apples resized.jpg

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