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Artful Propaganda

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So. I'm in art school. Aannddd in ceramics class our latest project was our own propaganda. Anything we wanted to say. I took the opportunity to voice my little opinion on the huge families & the dozens of children who get lost in the fray of being in said huge family. I had a rough time finding an appropriate statement without straight up jacking one off the 'net. It's not 100% finished... But it's about 95% there . 

Here is my clay propaganda piece. 


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I think you've nailed it!   The faceless hordes.  

I feel the most for the younger kids who have been raised by a sister-mom, and then said sister-mom marries and the mom figure they know best has abandoned them. 

But then you have to feel for the sister-moms who have been forced into being a child carer and deprived of a true childhood. 

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