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Saw someone out with a lawn mower today.

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I saw someone out with a lawn mower today mowing a stretch of grass.  In Iowa.  In mid March.

It'll probably be another month before we even think of mowing here.  Which reminds me I need to check the mower to make sure it's ready to go when that time comes.



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My lawn isn't ready to move. Not for a while. Then I have to decide if I'm going to bag or much. I have creeping charlie in the shady areas of my lawn and it keeps trying to spread to my garden, so while I'd prefer mulching, may end up bagging.

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my lawn in NY is not ready for a mower yet either, but i do need to rake up the leftover leaves in the garden.  but with relatively little snow this year, i've been able to keep up with the dog mess all season, so that's a plus.  i have snowdrops and primroses blooming and tulips starting.  maybe in another month it'll all be looking nice.

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I mowed in January :562479514c500_32(1): and then again a couple of weeks ago.

We have had a ridiculously mild winter though, no real snow and only a handful of frosts.

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