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Shootings in Michigan


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So sad, so awful. These people were just going about their daily lives; no one should ever have to worry about being harmed because they made a decision to shop or go out to eat. 

I hope the surviving victims pull through. 

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1 hour ago, sparkles said:

I have a friend in Kalamazoo. Waiting to hear from him... :pb_sad:

Oh dear, sparkles.  I do hope you friend is OK.  Fingers crossed and candles lit....

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This may affect some of our neighbors, too. We have a little enclave of Michiganders here.  I know one neighbor is from Auburn Hills originally, but I don't know where the others moved from.

When a candidate for the GOP nomination tweets a picture of his new semi-automatic pistol and tagged it #America and each new mass shooting brings out the guns nuts even more and we have Texas and other states (Kansas?) passing legislation which allows open carry in just about anywhere,  we are just truly fucked as a nation.  When the hell will we ever learn??

We, as a nation, first started talking about gun control almost 50 years ago when we suffered that awful spring when both Dr King and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated.  Why have we made so little progress?  The "Wild West" had more gun control that we do.

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All victims are named. These set of articles will give anyone the latest news on everything. I was glad to hear his wife and kids were found safe and sound. The reports before church this morning said they were searching his house and they hadn't been able to reach is wife and kids yet.  I feared they were all dead.

Mattawan school has grief counselors on site tomorrow (the 18 yo was a senior there). One of the Portage schools fot the word out to wear Mattawan colors to school tomorrow. (Both Portage HS and both Kalamazoo HS are in the same athletic confrence as Mattawan)

The 14yo girl is on life support according to the evening news. The first shooting victim is in the hospital with multiple fun shot wounds but none are life threating. (Thankfully)

His Uber passengers are damn lucky. IMO.

Chose the region Kalamazoo. http://www.mlive.com for all the articles. He will be arraigned in the am, I assume the courthouse will be swamped with media. 

All very sad.


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Heres hoping everyone's relative/friends are ok there.It's scary to think I could be browsing vehicles or coming of a restaurant and be shot. ETA 42 mass shootings in one year and 24 in one month and it's only February

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I was watching a news segment on this last night and a man they were interviewing was going on about how "this isn't supposed to happen here...this is the kind of thing you expect in NY." and I thought, no, it's not.  That kind of thing doesn't happen here in the NYC area and I think it's because we don't have as many rabid gun people.  On my facebook newsfeed two out of the three stories are about gunmen another in MI and one in Arkansas.


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