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Daphne in bloom so cool in the middle of winter

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 we got this last year and it is one that is supposed to bloom in the middle of winter. well this is portland and the coldest part was over in late December. it has been working on new growth for a month though but for the last week it's first blooms. man this thing smells so good like of like roses but better. really potent too 



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I have a grape hyacinth in my garden that's flowering. My poppies were ready to flower but haven't yet this year. Spring is starting to appear though








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it would have been cool seeing it bloom when there was snow on the ground r oat least while it is really cold thats when it is supposed to bloom but we only had really cold in decemnber and only a little in january. 

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got to quit going to the nice nursery. my wife fell in love with this guy it smells fantastic. I mean really great so when I had more money I had to to go get her one. it is a gold paper bush. slow growing and oil foliage  why do the coolest plants always cost the most?



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