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I love Suave Rosemary Mint. Smells wonderful and doesn't leave my looking and feeling great. They are about $2.00 (US) each.



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Coconut Flan
On 12/31/2018 at 3:17 PM, Coconut Flan said:

The Loma spray is marvelous for taming frizz and can be used daily.

Quoting myself to say daughter quit using Loma leave in spray as it began making a residue in granddaughter's hair making it get greasy.  She's now using the inexpensive No More Tangles and she and granddaughter are much happier with it.

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On 7/31/2019 at 5:34 PM, Ticklish said:

Does anyone have tips for hair products for kids? I am so bad at girl stuff like hair- my own is extremely thick so usually goes straight into a bun while still wet. But now I have 2 daughters and they both have a lot of shorter hairs around their face. Could it be breakage from too much combing? They don't like having their hair down so it's usually pulled back and I don't know if that's the problem? My oldest has pretty thick hair but my younger has really thin hair. I see other little girls with perfectly smooth pretty hair and I don't know what I'm doing wrong to mess up mine! 

I'm a fine hair girl so I can speak to that:

Pulling fine hair back tightly does add to the constant breakage problems. I have longish very fine yet thick hair  and learned the hard way years ago to not pull it back tightly. Be super careful combing when wet, too. A leave in conditioner/detangling solution would help. I like Joico's Daily Care Leave In Detangler. Also the Tangle Teezer brush for combing out tangles. There is a wet and dry version. I use the regular one to get tangles out. When it's wet, I use a wide tooth comb first then the Tangle Teezer on any rough tangles.  A regular bristle brush to smooth hair out is a must, too. Not the wire brushes which are murder on fine hair. Also don't wrap a towel around her fine hair and flip it up. Squeeze it out and leave the towel hanging down if you wrap it. Flipping it up just encourages tangles and breaks. Another thing is that the textured elastics can stick and break fine hair when you take them out. The more satin-y ones or the ones covered in jersey are much better and you can get ones that are not thick scrunchy style. I just bought a pack at Walmart. 

If she will use it, I would recommend trying a light conditioner when she shampoos. Biolage Detangling Solution is my favorite. You barely need any, but don't follow the "ends only" advice for conditioning hair. With tangly fine hair, you need to do it all from the roots down. And, finally, regular trims are an absolute must to prevent breakage, too. 

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Thank you @louisa05! I appreciate the tips. I will definitely look for the Tangle Teezer and see if I can find the other products too. Are Wet Brushes ok on fine hair? I had a friend recommend that for the girls, but she has pretty thick hair. I think we use the satiny hair bands but I will double check Walmart and compare to see if I'm mistaken. I told the girls that when the weather gets cooler, we'll try wearing hair down with headbands more often so maybe that will give their hair some relief too. My husband is usually in charge of hair since I work early, and he's pretty limited to ponytails and that's it! So I need to get him on board too. 

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I use a wet brush and have fine hair.  It's awesome and was recommended by my hair stylist.

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