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raised garden - help

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So I'm looking at putting in a raised garden for my herbs/fruit/salad type plants and would like some advice if anyone else has ever done that/currently got a raised bed. I'm thinking of raising about 20inches but that might change.

My current plan is to make one of these designs (the dimensions about 20ft by 18ft give or take and depending how far out I go).


I have no idea what to use as walls. I also have been told I may not use bricks/concrete blocks in any way, shape or form. Wood rots and I'm not sure I would like to have to replace it every few years. Suggestions?

What design do people like? Any other suggestions? (I would like to maximize planting area, which is why there are no typical rectangles)

Any good informative resources you may like on the subject?

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We used plastic "lumber" for our raised beds. They needed more vertical support than the ones we made with wood at a previous home, but they have been very durable.

I think 20 inches is the perfect height. We went with six 3x8ft boxes (I want 3-6 more!), half 10", half 20". Three feet width was chosen because I couldn't reach the center of the 4ft boxes we made previously. I don't remember the path dimensions between our current boxes, but we measured it to be wide enough for our garden cart.

With the designs you shared, I'm not sure what are beds and what are walkways... The easiest containers to build are rectangles. Circles are tough, unless you cluster pots.

Regardless of your design, pay attention to solar orientation. Also, it might help you decide on a design if you spend some time thinking about how many of which plants you will want and how much space each of those plants take. If you want lots of a space-needing veg like tomatoes, you'll need more beds than if you mostly want lettuce or carrots.

I'm lusting after these beds - so attractive and durable: http://www.metalgardenbeds.com/grande-size.html

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you can use brick the landscape blocks that are meant to stack. they hook together so they don't bulge out. the plastic lumber would work and has been said needs more support as is flexible. pored concrete would work too if done right.

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16 hours ago, AlysonRR said:

With the designs you shared, I'm not sure what are beds and what are walkways... The easiest containers to build are rectangles. Circles are tough, unless you cluster pots.

walkways are white - color is ground/planting area. just ignore the numbers. that was me trying to calculate areas but it wasn't done well

my plan for the space is not for "big" vegetables like tomatoes. this garden will be situated as the closest 'garden' to the house - i want to be able to quickly get rosemary or thyme from my garden without walking to the back. I want it raised so I can have a better defined path and hopefully eliminate weeding/not have to bend over so much to harvest.
I haven't thought much about solar orientation - I kind of figured I'd mix and match plants when i have the area set up. The list of plants desired is huge.  Part of how shady it will be(in the morning) depends a lot on what they new neighbors do to their garden.

I'm also thinking circle building would suck but potentially much prettier. 

I like the idea of the metal gardens, I will have to ask my better half if such a thing is acceptable (he makes the rules, after I suggest things).

me: "we could use the excess concrete building block and then paint/coat them"

him: "NO, those do not belong in a garden"


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We've thought of using poured concrete, if we ever have enough money. We'd love to create a flagstone patio with raised concrete beds and integral benches and a sunken firepit, built-in grill and outdoor oven, etc. I think it would probably cost $50K+ to do all of that!

So, until the lottery hits, we're doing what we can ;-)

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