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got our dwarf fruit trees in today.

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 we don’t have much room to plant that trees that gets enough light so I need potted trees that get roasted in the front of our place.  it is hard to find true dwarf fruit trees but I managed. we got a stella cherry tree that grows to about 5’  it will take a few years before it grows enough to produce (bummer) and I had to pay way extra to get fruiting size trees of the other ones. a leprechaun dwarf nectarine a garden annie dwarf apricot it will get at max 10’ it will go into the one spot I have left in the back yard. a bonanza dwarf peach tree. I debated on making planters but looking at the cost of wood and having to haul it home (I ride the bus) I found some 28” plastic pots on amazon for 42.00 each

 I was hoping to get the black gold soil from amazon but they want 45.00 for a 2cf bag thats too much so I guess it is time to bug my daughter.



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yes here is a pic. man the pots were 45.00 and it took 4cf of black gold for each pot another 24.00 these guys cost me a lot of money. it is going to take awhile for them to pay for themselves. I should have figured out pot cost before hand I was going to put them in 22" pots but I figured this way I don't have to repot them for a long time. 



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Geechee Girl

@doggie How are your trees coming along? I have 5 dwarf citrus, apple, and pear. My dwarf cherry seems to be a dud. I started with bare root trees also. The apple & pear are grafted with 5 varieties. What zone are you in? I'm zone 10b.

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the nectarine has a few fruit on it the peach bloomed but did not have fruit. the cherry it will be 3 years i think before it is ready. the apricot is just recovering and still does not have all it's leaves or full size leaves. thats disappointing it was the most expensive and largest. the apples are going crazy they will have a lot of fruit.  the apricot is the first pic  the Chinese honey berry with the purple fruit is really good though not much fruit the first year. 

the cherry is growing like crazy little nectarines and apples peach tree is growing great though no fruit. IMG_0510.JPG





look at this cure little guy a draw grape vine it has the cutest grapes too 


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