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Friedrichs v. California Teachers Assoc isn't just about unions; it's about spreading the gospel


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As I'm sure many of you are aware, there is a Supreme Court Case (Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association) that is looking into whether or not it is constitutional to force non-union members to pay dues to the union for the collective bargaining done on their behalf.  At first blush, this case appears to be solely about unions.  A recent article, however, determined that the case is being backed by the Christian Educators Association International. " The Christian Educators Association International (CEAI), bills itself as an alternative to the “secular” teachers’ unions, and argues openly that the Constitution does not bar teachers from imparting their Christian faith in their classrooms." 


Some other interesting points from the article:

"“Many public-school educators believe that they must make their schools God-less under the banner of ‘separation of church and state,’” CEAI’s executive director, Finn Laursen, has written, “to the extent that an environment is created that is hostile to religion.”

The teachers’ unions, Laursen maintains, “have such control that student needs become secondary” to those of the union. In that “hostile” public-school environment, according to Laursen, “the sin nature [sic] of mankind is accepted and even promoted.” There are “forces are at work,” he writes, that aim to “control the minds of our children by systematically promoting such things as sexual orientation being genetically driven and same sex marriage being acceptable under the banner of tolerance.”

Representing CEAI and the other plaintiffs is the Center for Individual Rights, a pro-bono law firm whose donors are linked to the Koch brothers, the billionaires known for their opposition to labor unions.


The CEAI casts public schools as settings ripe for proselytizing, and its members as the foot soldiers in a battle for the students’ minds—and souls. “There are over 50 million students in our public schools, 70 million parents, three and a half million teachers,” Laursen said in a 2007 video titled “Christian Teacher Core Values.” That represents nearly 124 million people, he added, “many of them spiritually and morally bankrupt. We know the truth, and we need to send our missionaries into that area.” "



You can read the full article at http://prospect.org/article/anti-union-scotus-challenge-threatens-church-state-separation

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You know, i think they're absolutely right.  If the school does not let the teacher openly demonstrate the use of the prayer rug or conduct the lesson in accordance with Sharia law, its a hostile environment. Ditto for implementing a glatt kosher cafeteria. I am so relieved to know that the Center For Individual Rights will rush in.


* notice the last sentence "We know the truth...."    Doesn't Lori Alexander's (she of Fucking Monster fame)  profile state that she "walks in truth?"  So many egotistical fools.

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