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Anna Duggar and the M Kids - Part 5

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foreign fundie
1 hour ago, Hera said:

  It really nails time how insidious abuse is that she went from a normal reaction-expressing hurt, anger and disappointment-to giving up and praying it would just stop.  I may disagree vehemently with their politics, but I sincerely hope that this story is the far extreme exception and nowhere near the norm for these women. 

I hope so too! But the fact that this honeymoon story is not a secret, but openly shared by themselves, and yet these people are considered heroes in gothardistan, it makes me wonder. They are 50 shades of crazy. At least.

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I keep thinking about a moment from the episode when Anna was pregnant with Mac and had her first OB appointment.  Like all new patient appointments, the doctor's office asked her to arrive 15 minutes

I would like to think that there are so many other things that need to happen before Josh and Anna have sex (let alone have another child), you know like proper serious conversations about his behavio

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7 hours ago, warriorblade8857 said:

This is what I don't understand about Debi Pearl's logic. Isn't their entire belief system based around taking personal responsibility for one's own spiritual welfare by accepting Jesus as one's savior? Nobody can accept Jesus for another individual. Nobody can make an individual accept Jesus. So if a husband is refusing to accept Jesus and repent his sins (by continually being an abusive sinner) then why is the wife responsible?

It's based on 1 Peter 3:1-2


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The only way I would suggest that first chapter is even slightly appropriate is if the entire rest of the book was devoted to explaining why he did absolutely everything wrong in those first 48 hours and teaching people how to treat their spouses with equality and complete respect.

But it isn't, is it? :tw_rage:

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2 hours ago, helenprev said:

The only way I would suggest that first chapter is even slightly appropriate is if the entire rest of the book was devoted to explaining why he did absolutely everything wrong in those first 48 hours and teaching people how to treat their spouses with equality and complete respect.

But it isn't, is it? :tw_rage:

Have not and will not read the book, but based on Debi's "advice" above, I'd say the rest of the book is about breaking your wife's spirit  and will in the name of Jesus.

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On 2/29/2016 at 5:58 AM, foreign fundie said:

I found the quote from Debi Pearl in the Raw Story article very telling. She gives advice to abused wives. I quote:

. . . . . He tries her; he deliberately tempts her into hurt or anger; he judges her unfairly; he demands things of her that he knows embarrasses her, yet she is in subjection to him in all things. And in the end, she wins him by her chaste conversation. It is a promise from God to you.

. . . . 

What she advocates is not trusting in God, but quite the opposite. She tells women to trust in their super super human powers (cheerfully obeying an abusive asshole) to change their husbands. If they are good enough, they can do it. They are not even supposed to ask for help from their pastors. THEY will change him. Instead of letting their abusive husbands go and trusting God to deal with them. 

This is literally the plot of the medieval "Patient Griselda" story (seen in Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales and Bocaccio's Decameron) and even in the 1300s, the (male) authors were like "this is not a good way to live."

In the story, a nobleman marries a poor woman. He wants to test her patience, cheer, obedience, etc. She gives birth twice, and each time he takes the child away, really sending the child away to be raised by another noble family(though she doesn't know this). Finally the nobleman says he's going to leave her for another woman, a younger noblewoman. Griselda is like "Okay, that's fine, but don't me so mean to your new wife. She won't be able to take it like I can." Surprise, that was the final trick, the new "wife" is actually Griselda's daughter. Everyone is reunited and lives happily ever after.

The moral, as explicitly stated in the text, is "men, don't act this way; women, don't put up with this."

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      That’s something.
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