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Sierra Jo Dominguez Abysmal Wedding Planner Part 2

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I started doing my own laundry in junior high. I really didn't mind it because this was the time when I was buying clothes that were specifically air dry only. I didn't want anybody taking my stuff to wash and ruining it. One time when I was in eighth grade, my dad took my clothes hamper without telling me so he could do a big load of clothes. This was after I specifically told my parents I was more than happy with doing my own laundry. I was so mad because he shrunk my favorite blouse. When I started freaking out, he got all defensive and told me he was just trying to do something nice. My response, "I sure hope it's nice now that you owe me $30 for a new blouse." He gave me the money and never touched my stuff again. He's a good dad. I love him.

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Browsing Sierra's Facebook...she shared a video of Bernie Sanders explaining why he is pro-choice. She didn't comment anything, but a couple of people left comments. I thought Bernie brought up a good point about Republicans being hypocritical in regards to small government and abortion, but apparently her FB friends thought otherwise. 

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10 hours ago, wotdancer said:

I do the laundry and Husband does the dishes...because I hate doing dishes with the fire of a thousand suns, and he doesn't mind :my_cool: Occasionally our younger cat will get interested in helping too hehe.


As for ironing...I iron sewing/quilting projects, and nothing else :my_biggrin:


What a cute kitty!!! :D

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For a "to each their own" approach to laundry: When I am home at my parents house, we all kinda do our own laundry.  But I know more or less when my dad does laundry, as he has somewhat of a routine.  If someone's clothes are in the washer, we just communicate about it.  I can't remember it ever being a problem.  Or sometimes if I just want a few things to be washed and I see someone else doing a load, I'll just throw my stuff in with theirs.  My mom usually ends up doing a big batch of towels and linens together, so she will just ask me to undress the bed and throw it in.

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Mr. CL is mostly banished from touching my washer.  He once stuffed it with all of his jeans and flannel-lined work pants, and when it went off balance it nearly tipped over.  So now I run the machines and sort loads.  I don't sort by color, but by fabric weight (exception being whites when they get bleached).  I also do my own clothes separately from Mr's and Cousin's stuff because a lot of my work wear is more delicate than their polo's and sweats.  Mr separates theirs after the dryer, and they each fold their own.  Sheets and towels are line dried when the  weather cooperates (why does the dog have a need to take dumps directly under the clothesline?), and I fold them, because I worked in a motel for 17 years of weekends so I'm fussy about them.

i confess that I sometimes iron pillowcases, but in general I go through phases with ironing.  Once I went nearly a year without doing any.  That was when I began wearing knit maxi skirts.

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