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Buzzard's Recap of Special #3 (Dec 27) - What if We Had A Special & Nobody Cared?

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happy atheist
On 12/27/2015 at 9:10 PM, Buzzard said:

Jill and Jessa - Blathering on - "The birth of the Spurge"

Part 1

Disclaimer - The following show contains scenes from a live birth! NO! You dont say!

Its a glorious day as Jessa pours beans in a pot... she's ready to have the baby but doesnt think she's going into labor soon.  She takes out the trash, talking about how a year ago she was preparing for her wedding.

Ben comes home (hat backwards) - they kiss.  Jessa is making soup and tells Bin to take a shower.

TH - he'll be ready when the baby comes but he's nervous.

Random people show up, its the Napiers.  Jill and Janna birthed a child... they have a small black child that was adopted.  Jessa says that she wants to adopt so they're over to hear more about their story.

Jessa refuses to say what the sex of the baby is.  

Jessa has looked into adopting, the other agencies have rules.  Her baby has to be 9 months old before she can adopt.  They will take classes.  Jessa wants to do it because of her mission trips.  It was hard to leave the kids.

Ben thinks it :would be cool"  He'll be out there playing football with 15 sons.

Jinger - they were always talking about adoption.  They have hearts for kids and it will be awesome

Napiers - they explored an agency... they started to look at Uganda

Ben - right now they dont have an idea on where or who they will adopt.  They want to adopt domestically but havent ruled out internationally. Maybe they can do it more than once.

Napiers - they little girl had to learn english

Jessa - adoption is hard but worth it.  Its really sweet to see how the little girl integrated into the family... 

the little girl knocks over a cup. They say it will be good practice

Jessa TH - I didnt know ben wanted 15 sons.  I think that would be awesome, I'd love to have 15 sons.

"Central america"

Jill totes Izzy around.  Derrick tells us that they're on a routine.  They say hello to a boy

Jill - When we were packing we brought stuff for Mama Carmen.  

- Its a children's home where she takes care of "a bunch" of orphans and kids that need somewhere to be.  There are 106 kids.  She's been doing it for 30 years.

Jill helps the kids color.  They can only have 1 crayon.  Apparently its hard to only give them one page.  They talk about how their spanish is bad and they didnt understand what page the kids wanted.

Jill thinks it was fun! "It could be us one day!"

Derick thinks about how much fun it would be to have Jessa and Ben here. Jill thinks they'd leave with some kids.

The kids pray over milk... Derick is glad to spend time with them but it was hard to leave knowing their "situations."

Derick - We'd consider adoption, his mom is adopted. 


On 12/27/2015 at 9:22 PM, Buzzard said:

Blathering on - Part 2

BTW - Plated, warners, gold bond are now on my shit list for advertising. I've actually used plated.  It will be cancelled tonight.

Jessa and Bin take maternity pictures.  Jinger is NOT the photographer, its a family friend who "made an exception"... 

Jessa says she's been doing "bump" updates but they wanted a professional shoot too.

Jessa and the photographer talk aout whether she will go late.  SHe's afraid he'll be massive. Jessa says they havent agreed on a name...

Back to the pictures, ben wants to pick her up. Jessa wont let him.  He's not allowed to pick him up until she loses the weight... scales dont lie.

They use an olde time camera... kool...  Jessa says her belly button is out so the "turkey timer" shows its done.

CENTRAL AMERICA (insert culturally appropriate musak)

Jill goes to a midwife clinic to volunteer (she's sans izzy).  She's excited to get "hands on bellies".  She wants to see how women recieve care here so she can take it on the mission field.  The woman talks to her in english.  Jill stares and smiles like michelle does.  They talk about how they think they cant have cheese and other old wives tales.

Jill - I'm confident in my skills and training, but its different here...

Derick and Cathy carry Izzy to a market.  They have all kinds of things... Derick is surprised at how much it rains.  When he walks to school his feet get wet.  he needs boots.

The market is differnt than the states... and in a different language.  They find shoes but he thinks it will behard to find his size because he's taller.  Feet are different here... 

Jill - feels a belly OMG ITS NOT COVERED!!! HUSSIE!!!!  Jill explains her doplar was a gift from her husband.  

Jessa - this is a perfect fit for jill.  She loves the "latin" culture and midwifery is her thing.  She's been on a role, getting stuff done and getting certified. She just got her certification and now she can use it on her mission.

JIll - I'm looking forward to using my midwifery skills to eduate women. I'm not sure how many I'll do because I have my own little one but I want to impart my knowledge (really JIll, YOUR knowledge is better than actual midwives???)


Derrick carries Izzy... sideways "this is how the latinos hold the baby."  Then he puts him on his shoulders.

Derrick TH - He's just along for the ride, he doesnt understand whats goind on.

Derrick continues to look for shoes... 

Derick TH - this was a good opportunity to practice my conversational spanish.  I have a lot more to learn, there are 100,000 words and I know 136.

He buys shoes for Israel. They got NEW boots for $30... he is proud because he couldnt get 1 pair for that much in the states.

Jill shows up, she's wearing sandals... 

Derick TH - Its great to have mom here as we transition. It will be hard when she leaves.



On 12/27/2015 at 9:38 PM, Buzzard said:

Blathering on - Part 3

Its been a half hour, isnt it time for some spurge?

Its 3 days until her due date... We're shown shots of pictures in Jessa's house.  The girls are making meals.  Jana says that Jessa is getting ready to have the baby so they are putting together meals that Ben can easily pop in the oven.

Anna says the house is nice... she jokes about avoiding the bathroom for having the baby.  Jessa says its probably not bad except telling your birth story.Joy tells them to move over to the next topic.

Jessa - It wont be long "yall wont be embarassed by things like that"  They all laugh (anna, joy, jana, jessa are present). Once you're pregnant, you cant get embarassed like you used to.

Anna - When mac's water broke it was embarassing, I ruined the carpet.

Anna TH - It was refreshing to be there, doing normal, mundane things (HOLY SELF TANNER AND MUSTARD SWEATER). Its kind of a tender spot to be back in what was our starter home.  Ther are a lot of sweet memories, it was good to be back and remember... and ... have some time to look back.

Anna sits and holds mer, they talk about spurge and whether ben is nervous, he is. 

Jessa  - how have you been doing these past months?

Anna - Laughs - I think for everyone its been hard, but, its been a good opportunity to draw close to god and trusting god just for his wisdom to take the next step.  At one point it was like  - I feel like I've been in labor for days, you just want to get throught he next contraction and its been a lot like that (NOTE - IT APPEARS THAT HER WEDDING RING IS A DIFFERENT RING THAN THE BLING THAT SHE HAD LAST EPISODE)... Its special being here because the house is different, its definitely jessa and ben's house, but there are a lot of fun memories of starting out here.  She tears up and hold mer... we'll see what god has for us in the future

Jana TH -  Anna is doing really well with everything that has gone on. I think she has really come out very strong, not to say that it hasnt been hard and she doesnt have her moments where it is still challenging...

Back to cooking...

Jessa feels like she has everything she needs.  She has jinger neutral clothes then she'll look for hand me downs

Jinger/Jana TH - I think its really neat that Bin and Jessa decided to keep the jinder a secret, its something sooper speshyl for all them.

Joy TH - I think Bin will be super gentle

Jana TH - I think the baby will be a boy. 50/50 chance!

They make a pie and write instructions on the containers.

Anna - some people save the placenta

Jessa - Some people put it under a new tree

Joy - NOT


Jill skypes... Jessa has a shirt that says "touchdown" on it.  

Jill is excited to skype but is sad that she wont be there... Derick asks if Ben will yell "touchdown" when the baby is born.

Jill says its a girl, Derick a boy - Derick says he guesses boy because Jill guessed girl "we're one person so we're right and wrong, figure that out."

Jessa asks how they're settling... Jill says its rainy... its been good having cathy there, she's "sweet."  Jessa has a contraction and JIll tells her to breathe... 


On 12/27/2015 at 9:48 PM, Buzzard said:

The coming Spurge - Part 4

Jessa has her contraction and then smiles.  Jessa says they're in the front.

JIll - Its pretty typical, doesnt mean that labor is starting.  What matters is where they are/can you talk etc.

They talk about labor... Jill guesses she's scared.  Its more doable than what she imagined, one contraction at a time.  

JIll TH - Jessa is nervous, she's chill but scared.

They get off the chat... (I love the wifi in the "mission field...")

Jessa - Its been an adjustment having Jill and Derick gone.  They have wifi because they're in school, that will change when they move.

2 days until Spurge

JD "steal" Bin... Josiah says they are going out... 

JD - any time you can get ben away from jessa its a rarity.  They pray about... I dont know... over water... A giant pizza arrives, it appears to have sausage (PORK) on it!

Bin - I'm gonna be Jessa's coach.  I'm getting stress reliever time with the guys, I might be up for 48 hours straight.  I dont know.

They finish the huge pizza... The boys joke he didnt go up in a family of 19 because he ate slow.

Bin TH - Am I going to be there for her? Am I going to be able to comfort her? Its nerve wracking... God will get us through ti


Izzy cries.  Cathy cooks guac... 

Jill says she loves to cook... They speak to Izzy in English... 

Jill - I'm generally inthe kitchen and Derick is with Izzy.

Cathy TH - I've enjoyed my time, the closer it gets to time to leave the more I realize how long it will be before I see them again.  I will miss my only grandson, only my 3rd blood relative because I was adopted.  He has a piece of my heart.

Jill TH - We're gonna hide her passport.

Cathy - I can go knowing you wont starve...

Cathy hugs goodbye.  She gets into a van (wearing flip flops).  She says she's going to pray for them.

Derick - As a family this is a place we can grow

Jill - Who knows, we came down to central america as a family of 3, we could come back as a family of 4 or more...I'm not pregnant, everyone always asks.

3 days past spurge's expected...

Jessa - I'm done being pregnant... started having contractions... Jana, Jinger, Sierra stopped by to see if they could help me.  The contractions are pretty intense, keeping track on my app.  Theres no rating on the app becuase I'm already saying they're pretty strong.  I dont enjoy pain.

Jana - Jessa just started feeling contractions, so maybe now is a good time to take a wald.

They speed walk

Jinger - She was speed walking, if you walk fast enough, it will make it happen.

Jessa - If you're gonna have a baby, just do it.  Dont mozy on down the trail.. at a snails pace, power walk it.

She stops and leans on Ben... Jana tells ben he's doing great.  They walk for an hour

Jinger - SHe had contractions every 5 minutes on the trail.  

They get back to the house. 

Jessa - The walk was beneficial.  Once we got back to the house I started feeling intense contractions.

They call the birth team back and its on... 


On 12/27/2015 at 10:10 PM, Buzzard said:


The warning is flashed about live births... The front lawn is COVERED with parked cars

11 AM - 20 hours of labor

Jana - She's been in labor and is a trooper

Shot of Jessa groaning that its painful.  She is wearing a purple shirt that isnt quite a tank top, but definitely show shoulder.  She walks with Ben out a door.  Michelle coos "jessa is doing awesome in labor."  A green sheet is hanging in a hallway, not sure whats up with that.  Meeshelle tells us that they're going for a walk.  They walk into the kitchen, all the blinds are closed and its dark (why??) Michelle follows them, she may be filming - there is lettering on a door outside that says "be of god."  Michelle says "its a good day to be born."  Jessa leans on Bin.

Michelle - Ben was solid, he stuck by her side... 

They walk in the backyard holding hands, her dress looks like it may be "modest swimwear."  Michelle continues to narrate: "Jessa is 8 centimeters dialated Having really good contractions, doing great"

Bin TH - As labor was ramping up she was in pain and I was feeling it too. I was like "hopefully the baby comes soon so this will be over."  It kept draggin on, I was like "ugh."

A sign hangs above the window that says "happy fall, yall."  Its hand made

A phone rings - its 4 PM - 25 hours in labor.  Joy answers, saying its JInger.  Joy appears to be back at the TTH

Anna stands by, theres no baby yet... Jinger says she's dilated to 9... Anna says "any minute!:

6 PM - 27 hours

Michelle films on an iphone.  Jill was video chatting.  Jessa groans, Ben holds her.  

Jinger - It was hard to hear jessa in so much pain.

Michelle coos "good job, jessa."

Jinger - It was hard not being able to do anything, so I just prayed for her.

Voice - I want you to feel that, right there, thats your baby's head

Michelle - Thats your baby, right there.

Boob (TTH)

Reads text that Jessa is pushing.  

Back to Jessa - she groans and pushes.  She says that it hurts.  Ben holds her shoulders.

Jessa TH - WHen I got to the point where my body started pushing it was encouraging... 

She is laying ON TOP of Ben pushing.  Someone is wearing Gloves.  Jill watches on the phone.  Spurge is born, bloody... wrapped in a towel... and cries. Michelle says the date and time "praise jesus."  Tells Jessa she's a champ.

The text comes through at the TTH - Jordyn answers the phone because she's Jessa's buddy... Its a boy!

They all celebrate. Anna yells congrats.  

At the house JIll tells Jessa that she always guesses wrong.

Bin - WHen the baby finally arrived it was a big sigh of relief.  We got to see our son for the first time.

Jessa - We got to snuggle with him for a while...  Then things kind of changes a little bit.

911 call - Michelle - Mother is bleeding after birth, she's alert and awake.  baby is doing wonderful.

Michelle TH - Right after the baby was born she had a gush of blood, and it was more blood than what should have occurred.

Bin TH - It was kind of scary, it was like "whoa that a lot of blood all at once. I was a little bit nervous."

Jana TH - There have been a couple of births I have seen where a mom has lost blood.  This was the most I had seen and at that moment you kind of go into panic mode and I was thinking of these other situations and I was like "this cant happen to my sister."

The next day at the hospital

Michelle - The Dr checked Jessa out at the labor and delivery room and said she was doing good. and that she was not having major bleeding at that point.  The next day as she would get up she would be light headed.

Jessa gets a blood transfusion.  Bin jokes she'll be more energetic.

Jessa is shown WEARING A TANK TOP at the hospital, holding spurge, with Bin in the bed with her. 

Producer - Was childbirth better or worse than you expected?

Jessa - WORSE.  I said to my mom, I dont know how you did this 19 times.  I think the size probaby had something to do iwth the difficulty

Michelle TH - Jessa was MY biggest baby, I was shocked to learn that this baby was 9 pounds 11 ounces.  It was really a shock

(Bin wipes spurge's butt)

Michelle - Just the size of his head, chest, shoulders... he was like a barrel.

 Back at the house, the family arrives to meet spurge.  They all want to hold him.

Jinger TH - it was a unique situation, passing around a nameless child... Grandma duggar hold Mer and spurge... They joke about not having a name... 

Jessa TH - We decided on his name last night... they discuss whether they are sure about the name.

Bin - Spurgeon Elliott Seawald...  

Shots of various duggars holding spurge.

Joy - I think that after all that has happened over the last couple of months its really good we have something we can smile about and just enjoy.

Anna - Children are such a blessing.  I think god knew that, in this season of life that we're in, with all that we have walked through, this year especially this summer, to have a new baby going into the fall and just the time to say "ok, breathe and start fresh."  (Um, so we forgot about YOUR new baby, Anna?)

Josie and the others hold him...

Jessa TH - I cant believe he's ours... bad music plays... 

Bonus scene - Bin - The birth was amazing... Jessa has bangs...


Discussion here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/25153-jill-jessa-special-sunday-december-27/

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