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happy atheist
On 12/20/2015 at 9:35 PM, Buzzard said:

Jill and Jessa: Blabbing on (Part 2 of the Holy Trinity of Bullshit)

Alternate title: Jill and Jessa: Counting on to like, a million like, yeah... and um... jesus!

They show us a recap of last week (I mean, 10 minutes ago).  Bad Josh, Jill is stong! Jessa is pregnant! Jill and Derrick are going to DANGEROUS place with the other language....

I feel like "Its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday" should be playing in the background, but they cant afford those rights...

They pimp the show coming up, including Anna

We open with ominous musak and Anna doing her hair in the girls dorm room.  She coos at merideth as the piano bangs....

Anna: The past few months have definitely had a lot of change.  Um, all of the new about Joshua's teenage WRONG CHOICES came out (she smiles and nods) and um, my husbans resigned from his job and basicly I left DC 7 months pregnant and havent been back since.  I'm staying with Joshua's family and I'm back in the girls' room so its kind of funny.  They had 2 daughters get married and now they have a daughter in law and 4 grand kids um, so things have shifted but the girls room is still very full at the duggar home.  

ProducerL  Well, going back to the initial reports of Josh's teenage years, can you explain why you stood by him during the scandal?

Anna: Um - (looks to the side) - Yeah, um.  Swallows hard...

Screen to black

"Several months ago, a police report was released containing allegations that, as a minor, josh inappropriately touched five people."

Anna (doing her hair)  - I knew about this long before this hit the press.  Not long after Josh and I first met our family went to arkansas and visited with Joshua's family and while we were there Joshua shared with my parents his life story.  The good and the bad and the ugly, he was very detailed and very honest with my parents because in his heart, he wanted to pursue a relationship and he knew before this gets anywhere I want her parents to know who I am, what I've walked though, and the direction I'm headed in. 

When the police report was released it wasnt easy reading through it, and just kind of having to almost relive what joshua had done.  It was a shocking thing but at the same time there wasnt new information for my heart.  (Anna places merideth on one of the beds in the girls's room) and so it was just like ripping open an old wound.  (Anna dresses mer).  Things were calming down in the media when merideth was born, it was such a blessing to have a new little one and it was such a ray of sunshine of hope in the middle of a difficult situation to walk through and then the... second wave of media reports about joshua's unfaithfulness.  I was shocked and was like "who would write something like this" and so my first reaction was denial... I was really hurt that someone would think that about my husband and that we had a strong marriage.


"I have been the biggest hypocrite ever.  While espousing faith and family values, I have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this became a secret addiction and I became unfaithful to my wife." - Josh Duggar

(Damnit, no reference to Satan's hidden fortress!)

Jessa - When news started surfacing about Josh and that he had been unfaithful to Anna we were devatstated, heartbroken, I think especially just being a wife myself my heart went out to Anna.  Its like the most difficult thing you can every walk through. 

Jill - I told Derrick (crying) I need to call Anna because I cant imagine what she feels right now and I want to cry with her and I wish I was there... ME ME ME ME ME

Anna - I think initially I was really speechless.  And I didnt know what to say, it felt like a bad dream, it didnt seem possible.  I was like, "I;m gonna wake up and this is gonna be ok" this cant be true.  But, um... (she stutters and the camera focuses on her wedding ring bling) (She looks off camera... centers...) It was definitely a hard thing, it was such a betrayal for a spouse to go through what we're walking though and, um. It was hard.  It was hard that it was such a public thing.  Not only was it a betrayal against me it was a betrayal against those that call themselves christian because here wer were as a christian couple.  Everyone was able to see us get married and vow before god to be loyal to eachother and that loyalty was broken and so, um, for my heart I was like "how could this happen?" Josh was my first love.  Josh is my one and only. I knew that my only hope was to cling to my faith if I went off of what I was feeling I would turn a mess into a disaster.  In the stun and the shock I said "My god help me know how to respond to all of this." I didnt know what to do... I prayed that god would give the help and the widom to take the next step.  

She dresses and tickles the baby WHO IS WEARING PANTS!

Jinger - Anna is amazing. She displays to each one of us what it means to have unconditional love and is walking through this better than any one of us could have ever imagined.

Littles come around Anna - she reads a book

Producer - Where is Josh now and how was it decided that he would go there?

Anna - Josh is away at a christian recover program.  It was something josh decided he would be at a place, he needed A LOT of help. It wasnt an easy choice when you have a new baby and three little ones to take care of realizing I'm gonna be alone for an extended period of time

Producer (MORE ominous musak) - So, what are your plans regarding your marriage?

Anna - Bites her lip.  Its um, When your world is shattered there are a lot of emotions that you have to walk through.  Initially it was crying and crying and then you get to the place where you cant cry any more and then you get up and get on with life and then you start crying again and I know there are those that feel I have every right to walk away from this marriage and I respect other people's views, but in my heart, when I got married, I vowed to god first, and then to joshua for better for worse till death do us part.  God (crying) has unfailing love for me, and he has loved me and forvien me of so much and I pray that through all this that I will be an extension of god's love to joshua and that I would love him and forgive him and that I will wait patiently and allow god to work in our hearts and my prayer and my heart's desire is for our marriage to be restored (smiles, bites cheek).  Wipes tear...


Anna brings the littles downstairs

Anna - It really is true that we go through difficult times it can either destroy your life or make you stronger and so I think my purpose and my desire through all of this for each member of my family, is that we will turn our hearts to god and find the grace we need and come out stronger.

NOTE - through all of this they kept showing the girl's room where she is sleeping, the "rack" of clothes etc.  She is not in a closet.

Time passes on a sunny day outside.

Joy heads to sierra's house to start prep for Jessa's shower.  Jill reminds us who sierra is. Jana says that Anna and Merideth are coming to help.  Joy carries Izzy - Jill carries a purse

Joy - I'm really amazed at the strength that god has given anna and how she's going through all this and having a good attitutde about it all and you know it hurts really bad.

Jessa - sierra is super woman..

Sierra - PREGNANT - Jessa doesnt like cake, so lets do a pumpkin table! Chocolate covered shit... 160 confirmed guests.  Game ideas - guess the amount of candy, (she has a spreadsheet)... 

Jana - Ben wants dads to make baby food... steak baby food and random concoctions.  

Jill spikes Izzy's hair.

Joy - sierra gets stuff done... 



On 12/20/2015 at 9:44 PM, Buzzard said:

Part 2

The menfolk descend upon a poor, unsuspecting store "Harps" to do some unsupervised shoppin.

Jessa thinks ben's idea of random baby food is BRILLIANT

They look for "secret ingredients"... canned chicken and bbq sauce

Ben - "I'm not sure what babies can eat..."  OMG

They buy steak, queso, spinach, okra, sweet potatoes, 

Derrick - some things I wouldnt trust with israel eating.  You dont feed a baby hot sauce!  I wouldnt do it because I have to change the diaper...

Ben - We could market baby food that has some zest! 

They discuss making dessert baby food.  This is as bad as a duggar set up scene as ever.  NO ONE can be this stupid.

Sierra's house

They wimmenz open cans.

JInger - Over the past couple of month's we've gotten closer with Anna.  Its something good thats come out of this.

Anna - through all the ups and downs I'm glad to be back in arkansas with the family.

Jill - I'm leaving in a few days but its great to be with my sister.  I already had MY party, but this is another opportunity.

Izzy cries

Sierra - CRANK IT OUT the day before WHOO HOO!

Day of shower - they go to a barn

Sierra organizes the troop.

Jessa tells us how she planned such amazing Duggar events in the past.  Sierra and Jessa side bump hug eachother.

Derrick shows up with Izzy.  Anna comes with Merideth.

Anna - Its exciting to see Jessa and Ben and all the excitement surrounding their arrival of their first baby.  It has brought a lot of joy and a lot of excitement.  Its been a good distraction but there is the other side of it when you see jessa and ben interacting your mind does go back to a lot of happy memories.  That was a special time and I do miss having josh here right now and so theres definitely a wide range of emotions but overall its been wonderful to see jessa and ben and I cant wait to be an aunt again.

(the family lines up for a pic and michelle HOLY KRAZY EYES)

Sierra gets on a mic and invites people in. 

Jana - its hard to believe Jessa is due soon

Ben makes a scared face


On 12/20/2015 at 9:54 PM, Buzzard said:

Part 3

The women sit at a table and try to change a diaper with their eyes closed.  Jana counts the round so sierra can play.

Jessa wins... shocker... 

Jinger - it was a surprise that the one who won didnt have kids

Ben - the baby food making contest - its all about taste.  Sierra narrates... Coffee, ice cream, banana... Derrick adds pickle juice and nachos.

Jana - most of the food... I wouldnt feed to a baby.  I wouldnt eat it myself.  

Michelle hovers as its judged.  Always RIGHT inside camera angle...and laughs with more "umpf" than appropriate

Ben wins.  He kisses jessa

They all gather around and pray for the baby and the delivery

Jill - I'm glad I get to be here for the baby shower since I'm missing the birth. 

Sunny day... cows... at the pool house...

Jill packs up.  Izzy rolls on the floor.  Derrick weighs bags

Jill reminds him to pack diapers.  Cathy is packing diapers and wipes for them. 

Jana says they are trying to get Jill and derrick out the door... but they havent finished packing.  They show things for an orphanage.

Joy - gonna be weird with jill gone and jessa with a baby

Derrick - We're going back and we'll be in language and culture for a month then our mission for 8 months.  

Cathy is coming.  She looks pretty good.  They take pics at the airport.  

Jana - its hard to say goodbye but it s a new phase of life

Jessa - Itshard to see them go.  Selfishly I want her here when I have the baby. She's a lot of help

At the airport, they all hug.  Jill cries.  Boob holds Josie "my little jilly muffin is leaving out" 

Jill - Its hard to say goodbye to our family in NW arkansas.  

They then walk towards security...


On 12/20/2015 at 10:02 PM, Buzzard said:

Part 4

Central America

Derrick - so far we've gotten settled into our apartment and started with our language studies.

Derrick walks into the kitchen and jill sucks his face.  Cathy cuts papaya

They show the apartment.  They have a toaster, microwave etc.

Derrick - We dont want to get too spoiled because we're going to a really rural area. 

Derrick heads out

Jill has her classes at the house and hte teachers dont charge extra!

Derrick didnt expect rain... 

JIll - I miss not being able to go to school with derrick but its easier for me to study at home for israel.  He can be a little distracting when I'm trying to concentrate. 

Shots of Israel knocking things over and eating stuff

Jill - Its great because Jessica (teacher) is also a mother. It feels good to be back in the swing of things.  Its days like these that I miss my sisters

Jessa  in Binrmingham

Ben - a lot of people come to these events.  Its really amazing to see the variety of women...

Jessa - with everything my family has walked through in the past months I think there was a little bit of a different feel coming into these speaking engagements, because a lot were QA style and you never know if someone is going to throw out a question just to get a reaction out of you or catch you off guard.

The announcer is DISGUSTINGLY happy.  

Jessa discusses how they arent telling the sex

Ben doesnt know if they'll have 19 kids

Jessa - we wont have 19 biological kids but we may adopt.  They have been in contact with an agency in the area.  Apparently you cant adopt while you're pregnant or have a newborn...

at the show

Jessa - surprised at how fast they got pregnant.  Feels like its a big baby


Favorite food - gets it wrong.  She likes milk chocolate

Color of favorite slippers - she doesnt have any... Jessa likes to go barefoot

Jessa says she doesnt like to do speaking engagements on her own.  



On 12/20/2015 at 10:10 PM, Buzzard said:

Part 5

Central America

Jill wears Izzy as they walk down the streets.  They're going to meet a local woman with a baby.  The woman points out how they carry babies - they "sling" and they demonstrate on Jill. Even they knew she was doing it wrong. Jill liked it because she could nurse and walk.

She manages to defeat the sling and carries him.

They go to a woman's house and make a tortilla.  The woman has fresh avocado so they decide to feed it to Israel.  Jill videos... It has too much lemon.  Jill didnt do such a good job speaking spanish, or even trying to speak spanish...

They head out (without the baby sling).

Back in Alabama...

Jessa hangs out for a babymoon.  They go to a farmers market and look at peppers.  Jessa sees pickles so you know what happened there.  They sit down and she eats them... and feeds ben.  Its pickled Okra... then they move on to some pie type thing.  Ben says Pie should be lunch.  Jessa notes that they forgot utensils.  

Jessa says the baby moves more when she has sugar.  They kiss.

Next time:

Jessa is still pregnant

Derrick and JIll allude that they may adopt while they're down there

Anna goes back to her "home" with Jessa... 

Jessa has the baby and they play the 911 call.

Discussion here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/25098-jill-jessa-special-sunday-december-20/

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