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Trump supporter made bombs to use against Muslims

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A Donald Trump supporter was arrested for making bombs that he was going to use to attack Muslims;


Police in Richmond, California, on Sunday arrested William Celli, days after receiving a tip that the 55-year-old was allegedly building homemade explosives with the intent of targeting the local Muslim community.

Shortly after the arrest, San Francisco's KPIX reported that police evacuated an area around Celli's home while the bomb squad investigated the interior. Officers removed at least one suspicious device from the property and detonated it before allowing neighbors to return to their homes. Police haven't clarified whether the object was actually an explosive, or whether it would have been ready for use if it was.

Earlier this month, Trump called for a temporary ban on all Muslim immigrants into the U.S., a proposal that invited widespread derision from people of all political stripes.

Nobody knows what Celli thinks of that particular talking point, but on his Facebook page, he does express admiration for the real estate mogul. In an October post, Celli called Trump a "great point man," saying that he'd "follow this MAN to the end of the world."

This wasn't his first brush with the law either, he attracted attention earlier this month when he made threats against local Islamic leaders.

It's not going to be Daesh or some other foreign enemy that will destroy us all, it'll be internal morons like this guy.  I hope he's going to be a guest of Uncle Sam in one of said Uncle's fine penal institution for a while.

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Sadly, this is entirely unsurprising to me and I agree with you about the greatest threat to this nation (USA).

ETA - I mean really, who was it that posted the funny video of the newscaster prerecording stories?  I imagine that reporter had this one in the vault a while ago.

Edited by Whoosh

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I want to be shocked, but I'm just not. Americans love to prove our capability for violence. 

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Annnnd now he's or of jail. I feel so much safer with him on the streets and copycats out there expecting the same. 

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