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Guess Who Else is Promoting Samaritan Ministries?


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That's insanely complicated and weird.

Got to say, I prefer the system we have here by a mile. There are flaws, yes. But basically you go to work, money is deducted from your pay, it goes in a big pot and your medical treatment is free at the point of demand. No co pay and in Scotland we don't pay for prescription drugs either.

Some people complain because some other people never pay in and still get the benefit of the system. I don't complain for a few reasons but one is it is actually in my interests not to have my fellow citizens keeling over with lurgies or suffering agonies because they couldn't afford treatment. Retro eh.

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Again? This has got to make at least 3 or 4 times. I do find it interesting that they don't shy away from calling SM insurance. This part is great:

Of course, there is the risk that someone may take advantage of the Samaritan system. Two thoughts on that. First, folks who try to cheat Samaritan (bouncing checks, not sending them, or making false claims) are quickly weeded out. Remember, you’re dealing people-to-people, not bureaucracy-to-people, so efficiencies are much tighter. Second, we can count the number of checks that didn’t come through on one hand, that after thousands of dollars in claims over the years. Besides, claims are covered with several small checks, not one big one, so even if we were to get cheated, it wouldn’t be by much.

Or you could just, you know, buy real insurance and there's no system in place for you to be cheated like that at all. Unfortunately, as long as insurance is run as a for-profit operation, you might have to fight for some of your benefits. But since you're not dealing with random strangers who may or may not have the ability to pay your medical expenses, you won't have to pay thousands out of pocket and hope that small amounts might trickle in over the course of weeks or months.

He's also getting called out a bit in the comments. Most people are pointing out that those with pre-existing or chronic conditions are just as ineligible for SM as they are for traditional insurance, and they cover less too. So far, he hasn't responded to any of those comments, only the ones who are positive. This is the guy who whines that no one will "debate" with him, but won't even respond to comments from people who don't already agree with him. Great debate skills, Jeub :roll:

If you check the blog, you should also read the entry that inspired them to talk about SM at this point:


Their 14-year-old son was carving swords and cut his finger open on a band saw. Possibly not the safest activity for an unsupervised kid, but he is 14 and not 4, so maybe they can get a pass. What baffled me about the entire thing was that they didn't know where the hospital was :? How do you have 16 kids and not know how to find a medical facility? I would imagine most of those kids have never had a physical or well visit in their lives.

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