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Ghost Stories: Do You Haz?

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23 hours ago, tabitha2 said:



Posted this here a  long  time ago. People made fun of my belief that I snapped... something.

Now, THAT’S an orb!!!!

Can’t believe you got snark about this photo. For my part, it’s a good one!!! 

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Thanks:) I Would really like a study of it from a professional Ghost researcher some time.  I have had other photos that can’t be explained either. Clearer than this one as well. 

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20 hours ago, MarblesMom said:

Not a ghost story, but right before my MIL passed away, in 2013, she asked if we could see her husband, who apparently just came through the room, according to her.  He died in 1981.

I came on the scene in 1999, and therefore never met her husband and could not confirm his presence.  She was convinced he was there.

She went in peace.  She was a widow longer than she was a wife.

Maybe he came back to be with her?  Especially if she passed not long after that.

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My mother and I have a running joke that when odd things happen around the house it's my late Gran and she's annoyed about something.  (white noise on radios, pictures moving etc.)   A couple of years ago I was training to go away to trek part of the Great Wall of China and I had started hanging my neckerchiefs (I'm a long standing Guide) and my International one (which I have to wear when travelling internationally with the Guide group) on the shower rail as a decoration.  That damned rail fell off so many times that we joked about Gran telling me something about China. 

Needless to say, I fell down some stairs in China and snapped the tendons in my foot and ankle.  


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A couple instances not so much of ghosts but of loved ones close to death leading me to do things I wouldn't normally do, but what they feel is right for me (and turns out they were right).

First, my favorite Aunt (second mom to me) was dying of cancer at age 43. I lived 500 miles away. My mom was helping with her family (she was 20 years older than her sister) and my Aunt asked her to call me to say she loved me. She had not done this once during her brief illness. I knew then that the end was near. Due to logistics, instead of flying I drove all night to go see her against the objections of my husband and entire family. I got to spend the day in the hospital with her and to say my goodbyes and then drove home. She passed away three days later. If I hadn't made that drive I would have always regretted it. I was at peace (though very sad, of course) when she passed away.

Second, my mom was 88 and had been in ill health for several years and as she worsened At that point I had been spending 10-16 hours a day, 7 days a week for weeks helping with her and my dad. One night my dad insisted that I go home and have dinner with my husband and daughters. As we finished up with dinner my dad called to say that she had passed away. I just know that that was my mom making sure I wasn't there when she passed away. The other odd thing. My mom survived her parents, her younger sister (20 years younger) and her younger brother (7  years younger). She passed away on the one year anniversary of her brothers death.

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When my husband was in the hospital, I went home every night because son was at home.  One morning, i got up at the regular time but as I walked to the bathroom I was dizzy, nauseated, and feeling like something was wrong. I went to lie back down and the phone rang, the nurse called to tell me David had died.  

A couple of weeks after my mother died, I had to get something at Home Depot. iIwas sitting in the parking lot and smelled cigarette smoke - she was a lifelong smoker and died from COPD.  I looked around to see where it was coming from but no one else was around.  Plus it was the exact smell from her cut-rate, mail order Indian reservation cigarettes.

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