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@PennySycamore and @AliceInFundyland 

Love to hate NYC & OC!!! I’ve never liked Ramona, started out open minded on the rest. Vicki just repulses me. Now I won’t watch either but I’ll happily converse & hear what you have to say.

Brianna seems to have common sense in spite of her DNA & I’m v happy to hear about NC.  

Even back when Kelly & her then husband were bedeviling Shannon with “Whooooo?” at the ‘70s party I couldn’t help but like her. If I had to spend time w anybody from OC IRL it would be she and Shannon.

I came to despise Carole as much as Bethenny when they bullied Jules, way back when. 

The franchise I enjoyed so much was Sweet Home Oklahoma, which was friends from RL cutting up and going through real things. I’d love to see that on the RH franchise but it’ll never be. Darkness and meanness rule there. 

Still, some of the best snark today is found in RH recaps, and I will likely follow at least OC & NYC. Tamara Tattles and Trash Talk TV are especially good. 

I think Dorinda - who I initially liked a lot - is manufacturing drama to an unnecessary degree. Bethenny practically peed herself over the blasted nutcracker but Dorinda said, at the reunion, that only an ON Camera “thank you” would do. Nutzoid. 

Carole turns out to be a right idiot and stuck in 7th-grade meangirlness. What’s the video with she & her Friend Cassandra criticizing the “skinny girl” name? Hypocrites, the bony two of them. I find Bethenny to be repellant — if I saw her coming, I’d slip away! Way too much neediness wrapped in needles! 

But back to Carole, how stupid can a woman in her 50s be, to say to the boss of the RH, on taping for a show, “You’re so full of shit” and “are you scared of [Bethenny] too?” — and then pretend she didn’t remember saying the “shit” thing to him, later in the taping??? Girlfriend done sent her last shred of common sense out the door with Manbun’s wilted tulips!!!  LOL I crack myself up sometimes. 

Anyhoo, LOVE to discuss RH! Thanks for your posts!!! 

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I take back every single mean thing I've ever said about Bethenny.  As of Tuesday, she had sent at least 30 planeloads of supplies to Puerto Rico at her expense and she was going to keep going.  I'm n

SRSLY. I liked Siggy for about an episode last year, ‘til her own mother called her on her hypocrisy Siggy was wailllllllllling that her kids neglected her, and Siggy’s mom said, “you neglect me.

There was a short piece in the week's People about Luann's upcoming wedding.  For those who don't know,  Luann got engaged to Tom who used to date Sonja and Ramona.  Two weeks ago on the show, Bethenn

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Just starting to watch the week's RH of OC.  One of the new housewives, Gina, admits that she is an atheist and that asshole and moral paragon, Vicki, says she has no moral compass.  Gina is upset and walk off.  I'd be upset, too.  I'll update after the episode is over.


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Gina is not exactly an atheist, but someone who believes in a higher power and not a personal god.  Of course, Vicki was shitty to Gina .  The other women (except Emily, the other new housewife) just could not get it through their heads that someone might not Christian and be perfectly fine with that.  Gina and her husband decided that they're not right for each other and that totally blows the other women's minds as well.  Except for Emily, who's known Gina longer and is really her friend.  

I think they may be going to Jamaica next week and the only women that weren't acting completely bonkers were Gina and Emily!

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The new seasons of NYC and Beverly Hills have started and if I never see Lisa Vander Pump or Countess Luanne, it will be fine with me.  There's some serious shit going on with LVP and all of the other BH women are on the outs with Lisa.  It all has to do with a dog that Dorit adopted from VanderPump Dogs that Dorit needed to re-home after it bit her kids,  Luanne had to go back to rehab and is on the outs with Dorinda.  Bethenny went to Fayetteville, NC to help out after Hurricane Florence.  Good for her!

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The seasons of New York and Beverly Hills have recently ended and the new season of Orange County has just started.  On Beverly Hills,  Lisa Vanderpump had a blow up with the other women which never healed.  There were two weddings -Denise Richards got married as did former housewife now with friend status,  Camille Grammer.  Both Denise and Camille live in Malibu and suffered from the fire last fall.  Camille lost her house and Denise's belongings had a lot of smoke damage.  Several of the women took Denise clothes and Teddi actually took her shopping for new things.  The women, except for Denise and Camille, went on a trip to Provence.  Lisa VP did NOT come to the reunion and has quit/or was fired from the show.  Good riddance to bad rubbish!

The New York season started out rough.  Everyone was tiptoeing around Luanne as she had just gotten out of rehab.  Bethenny was recovering from the death of her sometime boyfriend due to an overdose.  Tinsley broke up with her boyfriend and lost her sweet doggie.  Yes, she called 911 when her dog was dying.  Barbara Kavovit is a new friend.  The other women were getting fed up with Luanne's being so self-focused but they all made up at the reunion.  Luanne finally recognized that she was being a narcissist.  Lu is doing a cabaret show.  She freely admits she cannot sing. 

The newest season of OC premiered last night.  Tamra's son Ryan is a Trumpista and Tamra is dismayed by that.  (Welcome to the club, Tamra.)  Vicki Gunvalson has been demoted to friend and won't appearing regularly.  (YAY!)  I think Gina got picked up for DWI.  There's a new housewife who is actually a housewife:  Braunwyn has seven kids from teens down to a one year old.  Shannon has dropped 40 pounds and looks wonderful.  (Not that you can't look great when you're heavy, but Shannon does look good.  I'd like to drop 40 pounds myself.)  Kelly Dodd went with her daughter to a cat rescue.  I hope they did not adopt one.  If the rescue folks heard what I did they'd never let Kelly adopt.  Kelly does not like cats and only wanted a cat to kill rats.  Kelly apparently has a rat problem.  (Maybe her town does.) But there are other ways to kill rats.  Traps. Rodenticides*.  and clean up if you have a mess.  She wanted the cat to be an outside cat.  That's thankfully not allowed at many rescues.  

*There was a LTE to Nature Conservancy asking why they did not just use cats to kill the rat population on Palmyra Atoll.  Cats will kill rats (although maybe not as good as a terrier) but they'll also kill birds and lizards.  They don't discriminate.  The Nature Conservancy decided that rodenticide was the better alternative.


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Well, season 14 of RHoBH is over and the reunion is over.  All three parts of the reunion.  Vicki Gunvalson might not have been a regular castmember, but even as a friend she was on way too much.  She and Kelly Dodd were constantly at war with each other, but even when Kelly is not warring with Vicki, she's despicable.  She is always lashing out at the other women, particularly Tamra, Shannon, and Gina.  At the beginning of the season, she was dating some plastic surgeon.  He had no interest in getting married so he got dumped.  Kelly has gotten herself engaged to some reporter from Faux News.  Yep, that fits.  At the reunion, she was confronted by the fact that her fiancé lives and works in NYC and she and her daughter live in the OC.  She's apparently not thought about how that might work or not work.  She can't take Jolie out of California unless it's OK with her ex.  And it might not be.  

Emily and Gina were at odds with each other for much of the season, but each woman was going through some stuff with their marriages that didn't help things.  Emily and her husband were fighting  because Emily was carrying too much of the weight around the house.  Gina was thinking seriously about getting back with her ex and as the season ended, she was packing up to move back in with him.  That won't happen now after he launched at her in an Uber one evening.  I don't understand everything that went down, but he is being tried on domestic violence charges early in January.  Gina is done with her marriage.  

Tamra's sons, Ryan and Spencer, aren't fighting with each other so much anymore although they may be miles apart in politics.  Ryan did start therapy to help him with some issues and hopefully won't be such as Trumpist.  Shannon's oldest daughter got early acceptance at Baylor.  Braunwyn is a free spirit and totally got under Vicki's skin.  Vicki was railing about the nakedness and the women kissing each other so Andy showed some clips of Vicki flashing her boobs, demonstrating a blow job with a penis-shaped lollypop and so on.  Emily pointed out that Vicki was the most self-righteous people she's ever met.  

Among other nastiness out of Kelly,  her ex-BF may have committed a HIPPA violation.  Shannon did have some cosmetic procedures done at the beginning of the season, but Kelly said that she had lipo done too.  She said that she heard that from her ex-BF.  If Shannon did have liposuction, then that it definitely a HIPPA violation.  Is it a HIPPA violation to gossip about your patients?  It seems unethical at the very least.  

I hope that next season we don't see Vicki and Kelly at all.  We don't need their nastiness.

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On 12/30/2019 at 10:50 PM, PennySycamore said:

Well, season 14 of RHoBH is over and the reunion is over.  

BH? I think you mean OC-

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