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Quiverful research


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I just happen to be doing a research project on the Quiverful movement and I was wondering if the nice people of Free Jinger could help me.

Some questions I have:

I was wondering what families I should read up on?

What websites that would be helpful?

Also what texts should I be reading?

The average size family?

What region of the country that these Quiverful would be found in?



All I know is about the Druggars and even then it just the recent episodes from when Derrick started to appear.

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Hi kjmackin and welcome to FJ.

You can find a ton of info under FJ's Topical Forum "Families and Individuals" and the resource entitled "Family Summaries" They should be located on the sidebar. Enjoy :-)

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You can watch old 19 Kids episodes on youtube (broken up). A good start would be their first special "14 Children and Pregnant again" (5 parts on Youtube) and their other early specials before they were celebrities. They used to be a lot more conservative than they are now.

They're a part of ATI (Advanced Training Institute)/IBLP. Other families involved in it would be the Bates family (had a TLC show, some of them are on Youtube, and were frequent guests on the Duggars show, and have a show on UP). Unlike the Duggars, they have married off 2 (soon to be 3) daughters to ATI royalty. If you want to really dig into the future of ATI, read up about David Waller (married to ANna's sister Priscilla).

ATI is just one brand of Quiverfull, but I will second the book recommendation. Your local library may have it (my parents' did).

I don't follow as many families as many here do.

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Start with the Duggars and the Bates -- their TV presence means there's a lot of material. Otherwise, I suggest you take a look at the Botkins and Maxwells.

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No Longer Quivering is run by a former quiverfull woman and features several ex-fundies: patheos.com/blogs/nolongerquivering/

Here's someone who grew up quiverfull and left:


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