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Anyone play Sims and have a fundie family?

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I just bought Sims 3, finally, and had a blast making a Fundie Family. They are the Smiths.


There's Father and Mother Smith with 6 children.







Ruth (truth and ruth are twin babies)


Its pretty silly, but fun at the same time. Poor Mary. She is the oldest daughter and is exhausted all the time!


Anyone else play Sims?

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I am still playing Sims 2. Where, unfortunately, you HAVE to send the kids to school, so they can't slave away in the garden all day.

But I have a family who is on baby #9 and the mom is wanting another one already. Her poor oldest daughter is a SAHD adult, who is up and down all night and day, taking care of the baby and potty training the toddler, and watching her next-younger sisters grow up and move out on their own. I was going to let her move out as soon as her next sister became an adult (the oldest boy lives at home but has a job - when he moves out he'll be a doctor and do fine) but only the oldest one had the cooking & cleaning skills she needed! So she had to stay and watch flighty romantic little sister move out.

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