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Duggar Dream


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So last night I dreamt that I was a Duggar (not 100% sure if I was one of the girls or an aunt/cousin; my name doesn't start w/a J, & I had my r/l name).


I was in a parking lot with Jinger, & she was stressing out because of a driving test. JB was walking around towards a light pole for some reason. I said to Jinger, "Do you trust me?" She said yes, & I told her that she'd do just fine & not to worry.


The last part (that I can remember) was the Duggars releasing balloons in front of someone's house w/the Stelzl family. Not sure for the reason, but I remember thinking how wasteful that was (to have all of the inevitable balloon debris to be laying around).


I need more sleep (not necessarily for a Duggar dream, mind you). :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

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