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I love to snark on the Duggars with the best of them, but I came to a decision a couple of months ago, and I hope there are those here who'd like to join me in this effort.


I've had enough of the Duggars' attempts to conceal their true religious and political beliefs and activities to remain palatable to TLC and their television audience. With the announcement that the Duggars are directly responsible for the horrific anti-LGBT legislation in Arkansas, the gloves are OFF. It's time their sponsors explain exactly why they are financing hate and bigotry. Let's see how many of them will remain when it becomes clear to them it'll have financial consequences for their companies or services.


Here's the list of last night's sponsors. If you'd like to contact them, please write a polite SNAIL MAIL letter to the CEO of the following companies. (E-mail will never carry the same weight as a hand-written letter.) I am boycotting the following until they stop advertising on 19 Kids and Counting. I will write my letters, too. If anyone is interested in contact info, I will post it if it's permissible to the mods and owners of FJ.


Product placement (received products or cash for being shown on last night's program)



Naked juice




Discover Card


Little Caesar's Pizza


Jimmy Dean

David's Bridal

H&R Block

Geico Insurance


Quaker Oats


Allstate Insurance

Pizza Hut

Life Alert


John Frieda hair products

Lancaster candy

Susan G. Komen 3 Day Race



Skinny Cow candy

Starburst candy



Adam and Eve (one can only imagine what the Duggars would do to know this company advertises on their show...)


Again, join me or not, but I will not be silent any longer while the Duggars spread their brand of warped and hateful "ministry".

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Could you possibly post a draft of your letter?? I would love to do this.

Matthew, I'm on deadline at the moment but I will do so in a couple of days. If there was anything I could say to potential letter-writers, it would be to keep the letter simple, factual and give a brief statement why you believe the sponsor in question might want to spend their advertising dollars elsewhere.

Example: To Apple

Apple prides itself on diversity and anti-discrimination. It is hard to imagine why your company would spend advertising dollars or donate product to the Duggar family's TLC show "19 Kids and Counting". The Duggars have supported multiple anti-LGBT political candidates as well as financially contributed to the campaign for the anti-LGBT law recently passed in Arkansas.

Why would you allow your products to be shown on a program that undermines everything you stand for as a company?

Of course, it's up to the individual letter writer what they might like to say. I'll also be writing to the CEO of Discovery Networks; I can't believe their CEO and his new husband would think what the Duggars stand for is a great thing.

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Rainy - where did you see these sponsors? Were they in product placements, or were they actually ads? I didn't see many placements, although I did notice that on the tray of snacks the kiddies brought to Joy, the brands of most items were blurred out except for the Musselmans' applesauce...

I'm not sure how I feel about letter writing. True, TLC and their sponsors are enabling the Duggars to be a political machine that supports a far right agenda. Not sure if letters will do any good because general mills needs to sell cheerios, and apple needs to sell computers, and probably there are more right wingers in the US than LGBTs. ergo a larger market. Sad and cynical but true.

I do agree with you 100% that TLC should be more transparent on the show about what the Duggars stand for, what they do politically, who they hate, and what gender roles are REALLY like for them as they live in accordance with their faith/cult! The show should mix in "scenes" (?) that portray them honestly for what they are, rather than spinning the show to be only about doing staged activities with a 21 person family that they couldn't afford unless TLC paid for it !! show them picketing an abortion clinic, show them speaking at their various events, don't blur out Santorum's name on the bus and show them campaigning for him, have some one-on-ones where they talk about their views on gay people, have one-on-ones with the little kids and ask them questions to show how brainwashed they are already, invite the lesbian aunt and her partner for dinner and show how awkward it all is (JB saying we love you but hate your sin...) then maybe the market would take care of itself, and they'd only be sponsored by Acme Bible College, Hobby Lobby, Chick Fil A, Frumpy Dresses R-US, etc.

but for now we have a scripted show with real people playing themselves, with really bad acting, and portraying only the most mundane aspects of their lives which ain't the whole picture. Would be like a show about Charles Manson brushing his teeth and eating breakfast, and jive talking with his buddies, without mentioning anything he had done. And I still watch it - waaaaaaagh! can't stop .... :pull-hair:

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The commercials being shown during TV shows usually have very little to do with the show they're on during. Those are deals made with TLC - not with the Duggars. Skinny Cow typically can't control if they're getting shown during a "Say Yes To The Dress" marathon or during a Duggars episode.

As far as what is shown on camera, I do think they are very careful to blur most logos and I don't think that the Duggars get as many sponsorships as people on here think they do. For items like an Apple Computer and Keurig coffee maker, those are very distinct shapes and styles. Even if you blur the logo, you know exactly what it is. It's like how every box of Tissue is probably a Kleenex.

I think it's 100% valid to call out the Duggars on their effed up practices. But I don't think directing it to the advertisers is gonna do anything. Focusing it inward on TLC and in media outlets who keep reporting about them would probably be more effective.

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Boycotts are something fundie's get excited about. The American Family Assiciation sends out a newsletter that tells people who advertised during "bad" shows.

I remember going to a marriage conference at a Holiday Inn and someone saying they couldn't beleive the marriage conference was there because Holiday Inn was the largest distributor of porn in America ( maybe the world?)

It felt squeaky.. Now that I'm not as fundie it feels squeaky.

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They've had some legit product placements over the years. Nutella was one, there was another that was a toilet bowl cleaner. I dont think that any of the products we saw this week were product placements.

I'm full on board contacting companies that advertise on TLC. While they cant control when their commercials air (they buy a block of time), they can say that they DONT want it to air during the Duggars shit show. The better target, though, is TLC.

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They've had some legit product placements over the years. Nutella was one, there was another that was a toilet bowl cleaner. I dont think that any of the products we saw this week were product placements.

I'm full on board contacting companies that advertise on TLC. While they cant control when their commercials air (they buy a block of time), they can say that they DONT want it to air during the Duggars shit show. The better target, though, is TLC.

Any label or logo shown on TV (not blurred out) is a product placement. Please see "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold" for information on this practice. I believe it's available for rental or possibly still on Netflix streaming. They're not showing Apple's logo if there is no money or considerations involved, for instance.

The better target may be TLC, but money talks. If a hundred people write snail mail letters to advertisers, it's a trend. If 5,000 write snail mail letters and notify the companies whose ads show during the program they're no longer shopping with them as long as they advertise on 19KAC, it's a movement. I don't think 5,000 is a ridiculous number. If everyone who hate watches the Duggars wrote one letter, there are some advertisers who would have to change their pants. I'd also like an explanation from the CEO of Discovery Networks; it's hard to imagine their featuring a family that prides itself on their LGBT discriminatory values and political activity is palatable to their CEO and his husband.

I'd rather speak up than remain silent, which is what the Duggars and their handlers are hoping for.

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I'm with you, I started a Duggar boycott thread in the past. I just dont know that every time we see them with an iphone apple paid for it. The macbook was pretty obvious, but they've always been an apple family. Plus, all the cars...

I'm all for sending letters, especially targeting apple. They're a pretty open company and wouldnt appreciate being associated with hate mongers.

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Are you sure the Duggars are using paid product placement from those companies? Because a network doesn't have to blur out products on a reality show. They will if they're sponsored by a competitor, but they aren't for computers. A lot of fundies seem to be Apple fans already, and I don't think that company would sponsor a show in any way that goes against the core of the company. Their CEO is a gay man. I think that product in the show is just what they used, same for the rest.

Now advertisers for commercials are another story. Right now any company that advertises on TLC is to blame.

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This week's sponsors and product placement... Even a simple, short snail mail letter to one or more of these CEO's will work wonders!



Perdue chicken

California tourism (I believe their website is something like visitcalifornia.com)


Disney Tinkerbell movie

Pizza Hut

John Frieda


Downy Unstoppables



Head & Shoulders

Disney Big Hero 6

LIttle Debbies


KFC does an ad in conjunction with TLC...

Estee Lauder

Cascade Platinum

Little Caesar's

An added wrinkle this week. Two companies had specific verbiage before their commercials, namely "the following companies sponsor tonight's programming..."

American Express


Second episode


Crest 3D White



Cover Girl


Procter & Gamble (Secret deodorant)

Disney Cindarella


Product placement



Aussie hair care

I was about to apply for an AMEX for my business. I'll be writing them this week to explain why I can't do business with them as long as they sponsor 19KAC.

If you watch other reality TV programming, you'll notice anything that's not product placement blurred out. (Example: If you enjoy the Food Network, take a look at The Pioneer Woman's show for the sheer number of food product logos, clothing logos, and stuff like "Ford" blurred out during the broadcast. I'm guessing their family or producers must have a deal with both The North Face and Under Armour; they've been shown multiple times on her show.) And seriously -- if you have a little time, check out The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. We point out product placement in movies and TV all the time now at our house. LOL

I also can't believe that they're not either getting money from Apple or other considerations like free product. That logo is shown in every episode and this stuff doesn't happen by accident. IMHO.

If you'd like to join in, I'd love that. If not, I understand.

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If you were to talk about past product placement their is a long list! Even my son has noticed at times he has watched for only a few minutes (he can't stand the show).

Some that come off just the top of my head are:

Tonka trucks

Vlasic pickles


just a starter, come on and add to the list....

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I have to wonder if there is any unaired footage that would paint the Duggars in a bad light? Surely after all these years somebody slipped up and recorded something less than wholesome.

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The "My breast friend" tent and swimming belt combo... They were on a parade truck in Dollyville and Michelle had to be rocking those and even pretending to be feeding Jordyn while on the truck...

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Wasn't there a blatant swiffer placement? Or some kind of cleaner the Duggar girls were talking about how much they lurved it.

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You know who we really need to go after?


I agree. I have not watched and am not planning on watching the current season. The only reason I am going to turn on TLC is for Welcome to Myrtle Manor, which is awesome it got picked up for another season.

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Dont forget the Cosco 'playhouse' anna built, the 'on the go healthy baby food' anna used in one episode, and the shoe place they took the girls to before Jill's wedding. those are TRUE product placements. Them using a name brand stroller, or one of the kids wearing converses is not a product placement if its not "featured"

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I love to snark on the Duggars with the best of them, but I came to a decision a couple of months ago, and I hope there are those here who'd like to join me in this effort.

I'm sorry this week's sponsors aren't up yet. I am having a really tough time bringing myself to watch Jim Boob and JD for half an hour. I will get on this ASAP, however. Thanks to everyone who's posted additional sponsors or product placement!

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It's the Duggar sponsors for the week of March 10. I am still dedicated to doing this, but I am rapidly getting to the point in which I can hardly watch this program to write down the sponsors. Hopefully, the Duggars are becoming so overexposed the show will sink quickly under its own weight due to the Duggar family's intolerance of anyone or anything that isn't exactly like them.

Having said that, here we go, folks!

Product placement

Planet Fitness (I'm only sad I wasn't a fly on the wall when J-Chelle found out about the member who got kicked out for discriminating against the transgender person in the bathroom...)


Jergens lotion

Minute Rice


Benham Construction (it seems TLC thinks we've all forgotten about the homophobic Benham brothers. Time for more letters, folks!)


Featured Sponsors:

Kraft Mac and Cheese



Weight Watchers (did anyone else note the placement of the WW commercial directly after J-Chelle's discussion of her "eating disorder"? How UTTERLY tone-deaf and offensive...

Liberty Mutual


Purina Originals

Nature Made Vitamins

Little Debbies


Chex Mix

John Frieda Blonde

Gorton's Fish Sticks




Post Honey Bunches of Oats (also featured in a TLC commercial...)

Nature's Path Organic Granola


Night At The Museum

TJ Maxx


Trip Advisor

Ace Hardware

Puffs tissues


Reese's peanut butter cups





2nd episode

North Face

Disney Cruises

Pantene Pro-V


California Pistachios

Again, even a short snail mail letter to the CEO of any of these companies can help. Don't worry about perfection. Write from the heart, especially to those companies or services you and your family shop with in real life. Thank you so much to everyone who's written even one letter so far!

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Walking Cat Bed

Benham Construction (it seems TLC thinks we've all forgotten about the homophobic Benham brothers. Time for more letters, folks!)

To be fair (as much as TLC deserves it), it was HGTV that cancelled development on a show with the Benham brothers.

Which is significantly LESS surprising, since HGTV has an abundance of LGBTQ talent AND audience members.

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To be fair (as much as TLC deserves it), it was HGTV that cancelled development on a show with the Benham brothers.

Which is significantly LESS surprising, since HGTV has an abundance of LGBTQ talent AND audience members.

Walking Cat Bed (LOL at your screen name!) thank you for pointing this out. I didn't know and now I do. ;-)

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Here's the sponsors for the week of March 17th. There was a bumper crop of commercials tonight; they must be gearing up for the WEDDING EPISODE!!!11!!!! Level Eleventy! If you use any of these products in your home, I urge you to write a short snail mail letter to the CEO of the company stating you will not be buying their products or using their service until they stop advertising on 19KAC.

I also fast-forwarded through the show just to note the advertisers and sponsors. I'm sure there are product placements I missed, but I didn't think our TV would survive Jim Boob's BS "kissing lessons". If anyone noted additional companies or services, please add them to the thread.

And away we go!


DreamWorks HOME


Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (I believe they were also being used for the "pizza" in the episode)

John Frieda Hair Care

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

David's Bridal



Olive Garden

Hungry Jack Mashed Potatoes



Pay Day candy


Ultimate Flora


Cascade Platinum

TJ Maxx


Chase Freedom card

Kit Kat

State Farm




Universal Studios

Fairlife Milk

Neutrogena Wrinkle Repair


Days Inn

Ellen Degeneris for QVC


Visit California.com

Product Placement

Painting With A Twist

White's Jewelry

Material Concepts

Again, if everyone who hate-watches this program wrote one letter to each advertiser or sponsor above telling them you and your family will stop using their product or service until they pull their ads from 19KAC, there will be action.

Thank you so much!

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