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Doug Phillips' cult is far from done

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A young woman known by "Bethany" met a young man in a Christian organization at college and they were mutually attracted immediately. Along the way, he helped her get an A in a tough class, and to thank him, she remembered that he'd said his family almost never had money to eat out at a nice place, so she invited him to dinner.


They went out, he insisted on paying, they were obviously in love, and for all intents and purposes were engaged to be married.


Then his parents - devoted disciples of Doug Phillips' Vision Forum cult, got involved. Long story short, the young couple didn't make it. Bethany is recovering, but her ex ... well, read for yourself, if you wish:


Almost trapped .... trapped.


Bethany was almost trapped -- her ex, his parents and siblings, not so lucky.


As Julie Anne at SSB points out, Dougie is now a member-in-good-standing of a non-family-integrated church, and who knows what forces he is marshaling for a return to wholesale deception.


He's quiet, but he's not gone away. He'll never go away. He and his foul cronies in patriarchialism and theonomy must be monitored and brought to light and disputed.

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Doug the Tool, much like Bill Gothard, will never truly go away. They will always be in the shadows coming up with a new scheme.

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Wow, congratulations to 'Bethany' for getting away even though her former patriarchal boyfriend pretty much stalked her. How disturbing.

It's true these ideas will just keep resurfacing... the men who crave control and the women who want to dominate behind the scenes just haven't learned from being damaged, themselves or their children. It's going to take the next generation to really step away, imo.

And these men like RC Sproul Jr. and DPIATAR might come back with even worse ideas - polygamy maybe.


ETA: Credit to Thoughtful for the meme, from here: viewtopic.php?f=93&t=21372&start=160#p715110

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