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Duggar high school superlatives

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Which Duggar would you nominate for the typical high school yearbook awards?


For 'Most likely to succeed', I'm going with Josiah. I think I detect a bit of reason in his gaze.

'Quietest' must go to Jana, and 'Most Athletic' would be Joy, hands down.

'Teachers pet' I think would be Jill or Josie.

Biggest Flirt? Biggest Slacker? etc...

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Ooooh this is fun. In high school, I was voted "most talkative".

Hmm... Most likely to be a movie star: Jose. She is so precocious.

Prettiest eyes: Jana

Best hair: Jessa

Gothard Style:::

Most servant hearted: Jana

Most god fearing: Josiah (after all that time at alert)

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From my school awards;

The boy with a receding hairline,

who thinks that he looks just divine.

Do I need to announce a winner? I think we all know it's Joshie.

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Miss Congeniality :Jinger

Miss Photogenic:Josie

The quietest: John David

Best Smile:Jordyn

Class Clown:Joseph


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Class Clown: Jeremiah

Biggest Over-Achiever: Jill

Most Tardies: Jim Bob

Most Down-To-Earth: Joy Anna

Best Dressed: Josiah

Biggest Dreamer: Jinger

Most Likely to Become President: *shudders at the thought*

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What about sweetest couple? No, really I am at a loss.

Homecoming Queen? I guess we know-Dairy Queen.

Valedictorian? Again, at a loss.

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Biggest kool-aid drinker: Jill

Most trapped: Josh

Most secretive: Jana

Most likely to never marry: JD

Biggest surprise: Joseph

Most likely to bolt: Jenny

Least likely to be friendly: Jessa

Most Beautiful: JoyAnna

Cutest Couple: Jinger and Joseph

Unhappiest: Josiah

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