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Vision Forum Supporting Cast - Where are they now?

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Someone mentioned the other day that Bradrick! is no longer including Vision Forum on his LinkedIn profile. This lead to other searching, and does anyone remember Josh Wean? Former VF CFO, with some weird family issue?


Well, he is now working at Costa Solutions, a logistics company. A company that is alll about advertising just how godly they are! All VF mentions are gone from his profile as well. Anyone know anything about Costa? Is it a Leninger connection?


And does anyone know what Natty Darnell is up to? Apparently his law degree is going to good use training insurance agents on how to be insurance agents.


Some of the other interns are also on ...interesting paths. It would be cool to see if we could come up with a results survey to see what magnificent leaders they've become.

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Costa Solutions....

Please take the time right now, before applying, to read about “Who We Areâ€. You must be a good fit for our culture, willing to promote and live out our values and foundational principles every day – it is critical to your success and future with CÅsta Solutions! If you don’t believe our CÅsta mission and values are a fit for you and not something you can get behind 100%, then we humbly ask that you not apply for a career with us. However, if you believe you can model Character, Ownership, Serving, Team and Attitude as defined, helping others thrive, then we want to hear from you!

Then the "who we are page"


Is this even legal?

AN ANTONIO — Costa Solutions LLC has agreed to pay $146,459 in overtime back wages to 63 current and former employees following an investigation, the U.S. Labor Department said.


fficials said the San Antonio office of the department's Wage and Hour Division found Costa Solutions violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to pay overtime to a group of hourly supervisors and assistant supervisors. The company also failed to include all earnings when calculating overtime rates, the Labor Department said in a news release.

Costa Solutions Vice President Rod Smith said the employees were repaid months ago for an error that dated back to 2012, when the company changed its accounting software.

“They say we weren't paying overtime, and that's not true,†Smith said. “We just made a mistake in calculation of overtime. But when you count so many weeks of pay, so many hours of overtime, for so many people over a couple of years, it really adds up. That's where the big number comes from.â€

Smith said the company paid employees more than owed to try to make up for the mistake.

“We felt horrible when it came to our attention and we made quick work to get everybody paid,†Smith said. “It was our mistake and we owned up to it.â€

Costa Solutions employs about 600 people in services such as unloading and inbound freight handling.

[email protected]


Rod Smith belongs to C12 (a Christian Business Roundtable) He is, on their site, referred to as the CEO of Costa Solutions (as opposed to vp in August)


More later, maybe

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Black Aliss
I guess paying your workers isn't one of their "values"!

To be fair, the bible says nothing about Christ paying his disciples overtime. Granted, their medical benefits were excellent.

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Rod Smith's church is in New Braunfels. New Braunfels is about an hour from Boerne, and about 40 minutes from San Antonio. His church seems not like Doug the Tool's church. The entire staff of ministers is made up of couples and they seem to be more of a seekers mega or jr mega church.


Per Rod Smith's linked in addition to being CEO of Costa, and apparently 3 steps away from me on linked in, he is

Board of Directors, President

International Joseph Project

September 2011 – Present (3 years 4 months)New Braunfels, TX

Non-Profit 501.c.3 organization that leads and equips motivated individuals via LifeCoaches and Life Skills University to get back on their feet through focused programs like STEPS, LAUNCH, and ABIDE.

Board of Directors, General Member

CUE: An Organization for Positive Employee Relations

October 2009 – Present (5 years 3 months)

For over 30 years, CUE has espoused the belief in a U.S. Labor Policy that promotes flexibility, productivity, quality of work life, fairness, the opportunity to participate in decisions affecting ones future and the opportunity to succeed.

We believe in employee relations practices which foster these objectives, which value individual workers and are fundamentally pro-employee. We have encouraged union-free work environments by eliminating the need for unions through such practices.

Board Member

The C12 Group

January 2011 – Present (4 years)San Antonio, Texas Area

Through facilitation of CEO peer groups and onsite coaching, the C12 Group helps business owners attack the real challenges of leading a company to be excellent, missional and successful. The converging benefits of strategic accountability, exclusively qualified peer support, MBA-level business training, and the integration of a Biblically-formed missional lens delivers a distinct value.


Advisory Board Member

Renew Church

February 2006 – Present (8 years 11 months)New Braunfels, TX

Moving beyond traditions of man that detract from the simple beauty of the Gospel, we strive to inspire believers on every level to grow in their personal relationship with God. The majority of people who attend our church are new believers or those who are returning to church after an extended absence. From whatever past, we merge into a family of believers with a common purpose. We believe that our life is not our own (1 Corinthians 6:19) and endeavor to live our life serving and fellowshipping with God and loving and serving people. Everything we do is a result of our living relationship with Him.

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I found out Geoff Botkin is only three links from me :twisted:

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uber frau

Snake-in-the-grass Scotty Brown has tweaked his marketing and is trying to fill in the niche that VF has left. He's one to keep an eye on.

I wonder how it will play out. My impression of him is that, if he takes a tumble, it will be over money and politics not sex. I could be completely wrong though. The other thing is that he is from old money and I think he has enough friends with real power to stop the shit from really hitting the fan if he does get caught out.

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