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Recycling an old tablecloth

Joan of Snarc

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So, my poor old white damask tablecloth has tea stains that just won't come out and it's seen its last Thanksgiving. Does anybody have any ideas for things I can do with it (besides take it to the thrift store?) The smooth finish makes it unsuitable to use as a cleaning rag and I already have more throw pillows than I can use (plus it wouldn't go with my transitional decor.) Any ideas?

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That's an interesting idea. I wonder if I could actually get it to match?

About 10 minutes after I posted I thought "napkins!" Duh. I want a new Thanksgiving-y tablecloth and tea-colored napkins would work great! I might just give it a try.

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I may be WAY late to this party, but if you still have the tablecloth, try the CARBONA products. My mother used them and had great success getting things like mustard, coffee, wine, and tea (even old, dried and ironed!) out of tablecloths. She also got years-old baby spit up stains out of heirloom baby clothes. We used to find them in the grocery store. Don't know if they are still there or not. There were a number of them.

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