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NFP for the daughters?

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I know that Erin Paine suffered a miscarriage at the beginning of the year, but since then we have not had any Bates Baby announcements. Alyssa has been married since what? May? and Erin now a year. Do you think either of them are using NFP or did they just not inherit their mother's super fertility? I don't remember either of them saying they would leave their family size up to God like the Duggar children have.

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i know erin had a d&c, which led some to speculate if she did so in order to try again quicker. it is rather curious that nothing has come up yet (though because of her previous miscarriage experience, perhaps they will wait a while for the next announcement). also, alyssa could have been influenced by erin's miscarriage and also elected to postpone any pregnancy announcements.

erin is still very much fundie, as far as i know, and marinated in the kool-aid (doesn't either chad paine or his father work for iblp?) so if she isn't pregnant yet, she probably just doesn't have the same fertility as her mother. i don't really know much about alyssa or her husband.

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Well apparently the new Bates show is going to discuss a fertility problem that Erin has been having which will probably explain why she hasn't gotten pregnant again. She must be feeling terrible with the birth of her nephew to remind her that her baby would have been born recently and now the announcement of her sister Alyssa's pregnancy. Hopefully Chad is being really supportive right now.

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